Horseback riding


If you are not from Norway, you might not have heard about it before. But in the area of Valdres and Jotunheimen, we have a lot of them! Its the norwegian “Støl”. These are the huts where farmers and their families were living a few nights every week when they were out taking care of their livestocks out in the mountains usually hours away from the farm.  

With the help of Myhre Gård we now offer a horseback riding excursion to one of the oldest “støls” in the region. When you arrive you will have some time to relax and enjoy a hot meal. On the way to and from the “støl” you will have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. This is a excelent excursion both for couples, and families. The trip is also adapted to fit the skills and riding experience of the group. 

Day trip from Oslo

If you are in the hecktic city life bubble in Oslo, then get out! And enjoy a nice getaway to Jotunheimen! We offer direct transportation with Valdresekspressen! So join us to Myhre Gård and an adventure with horseback riding in the beautiful mountain areas of Jotunheimen. Food, drinks and transportation is included in the day trip from Oslo. Everything you need to relax and just enjoy another perfect day!

We can also recommend to extend your tour with a overnight stay in a mountain cabin with our two day horse trekking tour.


  • 08:40: Transfer from Oslo Bussterminal with Valdresekspressen.
  • 12:40: Arrival at the farm
    • Light meal with food and drinks.
    • Check equipment, clothes and pack and maintain the pack saddle.
    • Meet the horses, and introduction with riding at the ranch.
    • Horse trekking in the Beitostølen area to the mountain area.
    • Enjoy a hot meal, coffee and hot chocolate before we ride back to the farm.
  • 18:15: Transfer from the farm back to Oslo Bussterminal
  • 22:09: Arrival to Oslo Bussterminal with Valdresekspressen

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