Tour de Dovre (5 days)

Tour de Dovre is a fantastic cycling route that takes you through the beautiful landscape of Dovrefjell and Rondane. If you are interested in a fantastic cycling holiday in Norway, this great 5-day trip is perfect for you!



  • Experience Dovrefjell, Dovre and Rondane from the bike seat
  • Pasture landscapes, rivers and mountains
  • The beautiful valley Gudbrandsalen
  • Cozy mountain lodges with a traditional meal


  • Luggage transport
    Accommodation incl. Towels and linen
  • Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner
  • Detailed tour description


15th June – 15th september

Daily departures

Tour De Dovre – cycling along the country’s most beautiful landscape

There is hardly a better way to experience Norway’s beautiful mountain landscape than from the bike seat. Tour de Dovre is one of Norway’s most beautiful bike rides, and this round trip extends over about 130 km along the country’s most beautiful parks, valleys and landscapes. If you want to experience Norway on two wheels, the Tour de Dovre is a fantastic choice for you!

On this beautiful trip you get to see all the best Dovrefjell and Rondane has to offer – with a route that stretches through three of our most famous national parks, along idyllic pasture landscapes, beautiful mountains and beautiful valleys. The Tour de Dovre offers fantastic views of some of Norway’s most beautiful nature, and in addition to the fantastic cycling experiences, the tour can also offer other great outdoor and cultural experiences.

Tour de Dovre takes you on a spectacular tour of Dovrefjell, and the road goes through three of Norway’s most famous national parks: Rondane, Dovrefjell and Dovre. The route takes you through calm mountain terrain and idyllic pasture landscape, in addition to giving you fantastic views of Gudbrandsdalen and Grimsdalen, in addition to some of Norway’s most famous mountains.


Tour De Dovre, the route

The cycling adventure starts in Dovre, and you follow the picturesque route around Norway’s beautiful mountains. Tour de Dovre begins between Hjerkinn and Grimsdalshytta, and you cycle along the beautiful river Folla. The trail takes you to Grimsdalen, which is one of Norway’s most beautiful and famous mountain valleys, and you cycle between two of Norway’s most famous national parks – Dovre and Rondane. The stretch is not too challenging, and is generally a pleasant ride. Some places through Grimsdalen are a bit steep, but when you reach the plateau you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Dovre and Jotunheimen.

The trip continues through Grimsdalen, and you cycle between Grimsdalshytta and Trolltun. Along the way you cycle past the beautiful rivers Grimse, Grimsdalsmyrene and Vestlegrimsi. This stretch is great for cycling, with mainly flat mountain terrain and beautiful nature on all sides. While cycling, you can rest your eyes on beautiful small mountain farms, sparkling rivers and idyllic pastures around you, and the beautiful mountains in the distance will motivate you to continue cycling. You will cycle along the beautiful river Gudbrandslågen until you reach Gudbrandsdalen, which is one of Norway’s most beautiful valleys.

The Tour de Dovre continues, and you follow the old mountain road over Dovrefjell when you cycle between Trolltun and Hjerkinn. This route goes over quiet gravel roads, and you will enjoy beautiful views of Snøhetta and Dovre National Park while cycling. In addition, you will experience a beautiful view of Grytdalen, and there are many great opportunities to stop along the way to grab a bite to eat while taking in the beautiful natural landscape inside you.

Tour de Dovre also offers some great accommodation experiences, and you will spend the night at several traditional, historic mountain lodges and guest houses along the tour. Hjerkinn Fjellstue, Grimsdalshytta and Trolltun Gjestegård are charming accommodations that offer many opportunities for both nature and cultural experiences in the local area. Whether you are interested in mountain hikes, short bike rides, fishing, horseback riding, musk ox safaris or other local experiences, there is a lot to do at the various guest houses.

The Tour de Dovre has quickly become a very popular cycling route, and it offers fantastic views and incredible nature experiences in the heart of Norway. This 5-day cycling holiday is well suited for those who are in good shape with some cycling experience, and it offers many good experiences in both nature and culture. This is a real cycling adventure you will soon forget!


Day to day

Day 1: Hjerkinn Fjellstue

Accommodation: Hjerkinn Fjellstue

In Dovre you will find Hjerkinn Fjellstue, a charming traditional mountain lodge with 1200 years of history. Here you can enjoy fresh mountain air and nature in beautiful surroundings! Feel free to combine the accommodation with a horseback ride, dog sledding or cycling.

Day 2: Kvitdalen

Cycling: Hjerkinn → Grimsdalshytta

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 3-4 hours
Distance: 54 kilometers
Ascent: 470 meters
Descent: 490 meters

The route between Hjerkinn and Grimsdalshytta is relatively simple and follows the road. You will pass the river Folla down into the valley and towards Folldal. From here you follow Rondane National Tourist Roads towards Grimsdalen. Here you cycle between some of the country’s most beautiful national parks, with Dovre National Park on one side and Rondane National Park on the other.

Accommodation: Grimsdalshytta DNT

Grimsdalshytta is located between Rondane and Dovre national parks, in one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain valleys, Grimsdalen. The cabin is strategically located and is an excellent starting point and a popular stopover for trips of varying difficulty.

Day 3: Grimsdalshytta - Trolltun

Cycling: Grimsdalshytta → Trolltun

Difficulty: Challenging
Time: 2-3 hours
Distance: 42 kilometers
Ascent: 519 meters
Descent: 764 meters

From the heart of Dovre National Park, the trip goes along the rivers Grimse, Grimsdalsmyerene and Veslegrimsi. The route is relatively flat with the exception of the last steep climb up to the mountain plateau. Then it carries down towards Dovre and Gudbrandsdalen.

Accommodation: Trolltun guest house

At idyllic Trolltun Gjestegård you will sleep and eat well in scenic surroundings.

Day 4: Trolltun - Hjerkinn

Cycling: Trolltun → Hjerkinn Fjellstue

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 2-3 hours
Distance: 33 kilometers
Ascent: 328 meters
Descent: 112 meters

Follow the old mountain road, hiking and biking route through Dovrefjell. On the right side you see the fantastic Dovre National Park, and on the left side you will be able to see Grytdalen and Snøhetta, the highest mountain on Dovrefjell. There are several lovely places to stop along the way to take pictures, have lunch or for a short view stop.

Accommodation: Hjerkinn Fjellstue

In Dovre you will find Hjerkinn Fjellstue, a charming traditional mountain lodge with 1200 years of history. Here you can enjoy fresh mountain air and nature in beautiful surroundings! Feel free to combine the accommodation with a horseback ride, dog sledding or cycling.


Day 5: Departure

Departure day

Say goodbye to the mountains and leave to your next destination.

Practical information

Below you will find practical information about this trip.
Can not find what you are looking for? See our frequently asked questions page, or send us an email – we will help you!


Luggage transport

All luggage transport between all accommodations is included in the price, and includes:


  • From Hjerkinn Fjellstue to Grimsdalshytta DNT
  • From Grimsdalshytta DNT to Trolltun gjestegård
  • From Trolltun gjestegård to Hjerkinn Fjellstue

Tour pension includes breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. If you want another drink for dinner or snacks / chocolate on the trip, this can be bought at the cabins. It is possible to fill the thermos with hot drinks (for a fee) and drinking bottles with water (free of charge) at all accommodation.


  • Day: 1 – Hjerkinn Fjellstue
  • Day: 2 – Grimsdalshytta DNT
  • Day: 3 – Trolltun gjestegård
  • Day: 4 – Hjerkinn Fjellstue

You will need a light backpack for day trips, preferably between 20 and 30 liters. A waterproof “duffel bag” for the rest of the luggage is recommended. The luggage is moved from place to place and may be exposed to rain and other elements during transport.

Wool socks, thin
Wool underwear or track underwear
Rain, and windproof jacket and trousers
Shirt, or sweater of wool or fleece
Rain, and windproof jacket and trousers
Buff / scarf
Mittens / cycling gloves
Cycling shorts / trousers
T shirt
Indoor footwear
Extra underwear
Extra indoor pants

Toilet paper and clogged paper bags
Garbage bags
Gnawing plasters

Thermos and water bottles
Seat pads
Charging bank

For self-guided bike rides:
Map and tour description
Map app on mobile – eg Norway map
Small first aid kit

Bike rental

All the bikes we rent out are mountain bikes with front dampers that are well-adapted to the gravel roads you will be riding on. You can choose between a regular bike or an electric bike. If you want to cycle Mjølkevegen Nord, it is only possible to rent an electric bicycle. A repair kit is included in the rent. Once you have arrived at your last accommodation, we will take care of the bike for you.


E-Bike (3 days): 1.400,- NOK

Regular bike (3 days): 700,- NOK

Helmet: 150,- NOK


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