The Munch-Trail

5 days, self-guided

Follow in Edvard Munch’s footsteps, with a historic and panoramic hike through the highlands and down to Vågå, the ancestral home of Munch’s paternal family. This tour is characterized by fine paths, dirt roads and cultural sights, so that you can come into contact with Munch’s many sides: the man, the artist, the nature lover.

“I must go to the mountains to restore my strength”


  • Hiking with nice views
  • Culture in Munch’s steps
  • Local food


  • Bus from/to Oslo
  • Luggage transport
  • Accommodation x 4
  • Dinner, 3 course x 4
  • Breakfast buffet x 4
  • Packed lunch x 2
  • Entrance Ullinsvin Museum
  • Entrance Vågå Church
  • Map

Season and Price 2024

June – August
– daily departures

First arrival day: 25.06.2024
Last arrival day: 17.08.2024

1 person in doubbelroom:
NOK  11.600

Singel room supplement:
NOK 3.400


Below you will find practical information about this trip.
Can not find what you are looking for? See our frequently asked questions page, or send us an email – we will help you!

Day to day

About the hike

A hike in Edvard Munch’s footsteps from Bessheim to Vågåmo.

Edvard Munch (1863–1944), Norway’s most renowned painter has close bonds with the area of Vågå and Bessheim. As a matter of fact, the family on Munch’s father lived in Vågå for several generations and Munch visited the village on several occasions to discover the grounds where his forefathers lived, as well as to find inspiration for his paintings. In 1895, he walked to Jotunheimen and stayed in the Gjende area for a few days before heading down to the village of Vågå; during one of these trips, he pronounced the famous quotation: “I must go to the mountains to restore my strength”.

The Munch trail starts from Bessheim, where Edvard Munch started his journey towards Vågå in July 1895. You will follow in Edvard’s footsteps from the mountain, down to the village, experiencing the natural and cultural heritage of the area as well as residing in local lodging, and having a glimpse of the Norwegian gastronomy, with special focus on recipes directly taken from Mrs. Christine Storm Munch’s cookbook (Edvard Munch’s great-grandmother). Along the trail, guests will be able to have an insight on Munch’s art and life thanks to 22 information boards providing details about this extraordinary artist.

The Munch trail connects well-known experiences such as the hike Hulderstigen, the Stuttgong waterfall Nature Reserve, Ridderspranget (The Knight’s leap) – a majestic gorge in the river Sjoa, the Vågå Church, the Munch-hike in Vågåmo center with the audio play «Grandmother’s portrait», and the Gallery Ullinsvin, with its rectory garden.

During this hike, Bessheim Fjellstue, Lemonsjø Fjellstue og Hyttegrend and Vågå Hotell are ready to welcome you with their long tradition of hotellerie and their culinary art; their menus – based on recipes from Munch’s great-grandmother and the Norwegian gastronomy – will transmit guests Munch’s passion for the good “hotel meal”.

Day 1

Welcome to Oslo and to the Munch trail! Your adventure starts in the Norwegian capital, where you will catch the bus to Bessheim.

Bus Oslo – Bessheim Fjellstue

Accommodation: Bessheim Fjellstue

Meals: Dinner

Day 2

Today’s activity you will venture out in the nature for their first hike from Veo Bridge to Lemonsjø Fjellstue. You will take the bus from Bessheim Fjellstue to Veo Bridge and then go on exploring the Norwegian nature which has inspired artists and simple outdoor enthusiasts. Breath in the fresh air, let the eyes gaze the scenery and then enjoy a well-deserved meal at your destination!


Bus from Bessheim to Veo Bridge (9.40 am – 10.00 am)

Hike from Veo-bridge to Lemonsjø
Distance: 17 kilometers, ↑ 500 meters


Accommodation: Lemonsjø Fjellstue

Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Day 3

After a well-deserved rest in the height of the mountains, today you venture again into the wilderness, with the hike from Lemonsjø to Vågå. The trip starts along the Lake Lemonsjø, then goes uphill on gravel and some path, before finally taking the descent to Vågå, ancestral home to the family of the painter Edvard Munch.

Activity, Hike from Lemonsjø to Vågå
Distance: 17,5 kilometers, ↑ 550 meters


Accommodation: Vågå Hotell

Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch and Dinner

Day 4

Today you will venture on the hidden tracks of Munch, by exploring the village of Vågå and its cultural sites on a roundtrip. Starting from Lie-hjørna, the route takes you to the Vågå Church, across the churchyard, and toward Ullinsvin – an old priest farm – before taking the last turn to Jutulheimen – an open-air museum. Don’t worry about getting lost, the route is well-marked, and visitors can navigate the route pretty easily.
Each stop of the Much tour features an episode of the play “Oldemors portrett” (“Grandmother’s portrait”); with the help of a “sound shower”, visitors can follow Munch as he wanders the streets of Vågå.

Activity, Culture hike in Vågå
(Lie-hjørna – Vågå Church – Ullinsvin museum – Jutulheimen – Vågå)
Distance from 1.5 km

Vågå church
The original Vågå church is considered one of the oldest churches in Norway. Built between 1100 and 1130 and replaced by the current church in 1627, the church is known for its beautiful interior with paintings by Henning Munch, the baptismal font in Kleberstein, and the richly decorated altarpiece.

Ullinsvin museum
Following in the footsteps of Munch, Ullinsvin Museum is a major cultural investment so that Vågå will retain its place as an environment for art experiences, creative development, and memorable people-to-people encounters for both professionals and amateurs, young and old.

One of the highlights in Ullinsvin is the Prestegard Garden, which consists of an herb garden, perennial beds, rose beds, a mountain garden, and various trees and shrubs. Roughly how the garden appeared when priestess Christine Storm Munch looked after the garden in the 18th century.

Accommodation: Vågå Hotell

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 5

After 4 exciting days in the footsteps of Munch, it is time to take the bus from Vågå in the direction Oslo (either the Airport or bus terminal) and leave the Norwegian open nature and the picturesque landscapes to return home. After much time spent in the wilderness, it’s safe to say that our guests will leave with a whole luggage of emotions and new inspiration, not easily forgettable!

Transport: Bus Vågå – Oslo Airport/Bus Terminal

Meals: Breakfast

Practical information

Below you will find practical information about this trip.
Can not find what you are looking for? See our frequently asked questions page, or send us an email – we will help you!


Important details

To fully enjoy your hiking adventure in the mountainous areas, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and local temperatures. For a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we recommend wearing warm, waterproof clothing, good hiking shoes, and sunscreen and sunglasses. 

Everyone is welcome to join this hiking adventure, regardless of experience.

Luggage transport

We will send your luggage from cabin to cabin, so you only need to bring a daypack.



In all hotels, you will get double- or twin rooms, toilets, and showers in each room. (Extra charge for singel room)

Bessheim Fjellstue
Bessheim has a central location along road 51, the National Scenic Route across Valdressflya. At Bessheim the family has been welcoming guests since 1890. They have rooms, cabins, and apartments, and serve meals from early morning to late at night every day.

Lemonsjø Fjellstue
Lemonsjøen fjellstue og hyttegrend offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The air is crisp and clean, with the sounds of birds and wildlife providing a peaceful soundtrack. The cozy rooms and cabins and warm hospitality of the staff make for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Vågå Hotell
The idea of a unique boutique hotel was conceived out of love for everything the village and mountain home around Vågå has to offer. Here you get a bed to sleep in and breakfast and dinner.

SOV Lodge offers 10 unique hotel rooms, a historic living room with a fireplace, two modern kitchens, and a spacious living room with a terrace. In the lodge, you will find both inviting common areas and unique hotel rooms designed for relaxation, inspiration, and recharging.


All restaurants offer food based on local ingredients. For breakfast, there will be a buffet. Here you also need to make yourself a packed lunch (Bessheim and Lemonsjø) that you bring for the day. At arrival, you will receive from us a food wrap you can use to pack your lunch. It is possible to fill a thermos. Dinner will be served in the afternoon/evening.


You will be given a tour description. The trail is well marked. You will hike on gravel road and some nice paths. The hike also got 22 sights with information along the way.



Easy (+)

Kilometers: up to 10 kilometers 
Ascent: 500 meters  
Terrain: Fine paths that may have shorter sections that are rugged and steep.  

Most hikes have the same start and end point. On these trips, you can decide the length yourself. Anyone with normal physical fitness can participate without problems. The tours are usually around 2-4 hours. The terrain is easy to walk and without major climbs. The trip does not require any special equipment. 

(+) This particular trip got longer distances, up to 17 kilometers each of the days.


When you book with us, we’ll provide you with a packing list to ensure you have all the necessary clothing and gear.


Travel green. Enjoy the trip from the big city towards Valdres and Jotunheimen! The express buses take you straight from the capital to the heart of Norway. On the way you will pass mountains, valleys, rivers, and beautiful farms. The buses have power outlets with USB chargers and toilets.

Experience the convenience of choosing from various departure times and travel destinations along our express bus routes. Share your travel plans with us, and we’ll take care of the arrangements, ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

Oslo Bus Terminal- Bessheim
08.30 am -3.20 pm (Longer transfer in Fagernes)
10.20 am – 3.20 pm (not available all dates)
12.20 pm – 5.30 pm (not available all dates)

Vågå to Oslo Airport/Bus Terminal
12.45 pm – 5.25 pm/6.20 pm
Other departures may also be possible

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