General Terms and Conditions for JVB Travel

General conditions for package travel.

JVB offers package tours through various channels, among others, the subsidiaries and websites,, JVB Travel, Jotunheimen Travel and JVB Tur. The terms apply to package tours sold through these organizers. As the trip can be purchased through the various channels, we use the term “organizer” to represent all of these channels in the terms and conditions below.

1. The Agreement

The agreement between the parties is considered entered into when the order has been confirmed.

2. About the Agreement

The customer is the one who books the trip and enters into the agreement with the organizer, and is responsible for booking, payment and any changes to the booking. The name of the customer is listed in the “information about the reservation” section on the confirmation/ticket. Changes in connection with the journey must be made by the customer who made the booking. Any refund associated with a full or partial cancellation of the trip is made to the card with which the trip was paid. The customer is responsible for being available for important messages (eg time changes) through the contact information provided to the organizer.

All payment is made directly to the organizer according to the payment deadline that applies.

3. Cost of Package

3.1. The Price

The organizer reserves the right to change prices and services etc. described in the program or otherwise announced. Price changes may occur if there are changes in taxes, fees, transport prices, relevant currencies or fees for services related to the use of airports, roads, ports or other similar circumstances in the period between entering into an agreement and departure.

Local tourist taxes and fees which are paid directly at the destination is stated in the relevant destination on the Organizer’s website or in another relevant way. The same applies to airport fees, taxes or visa fees payable on arrival and departure. These taxes/fees are not included in the price paid.

3.2. Deposit/payment

Most travel packages and travel-related products are paid directly when ordering. In special cases by separate agreements or larger groups, parts of the trip can be invoiced to the person making the order. In those cases a deposit is required. The deposit is considered a partial payment of the total price of the trip.

4. Travel Insurance

We recommend that all customers have active travel insurance throughout the trip, which covers both damage to the customer and the customer’s items, as well as other accidents that may occur during the package trip.

5. Cancellation Policy

If canceled more than 30 days before the departure day starts: The amount paid minus a fee of NOK 500 per person is refundable.
In case of cancellation when it is less than 30 days until the day of departure starts, or in case of non-attendance: No refund will be given beyond any public charges that will not apply.
In case of cancellation of day trips, without accommodation and guide services, more than 7 days before the departure day starts: The entire amount paid is refunded.
Group trips and corporate events: Special conditions apply. This is stated when ordering.
On certain trips or events, separate cancellation rules may come into force, this will be stated on the relevant trip or event.

Changing the order

The organizer’s administration fee is 500 NOK per person. Changes made later than 30 days before departure are considered cancellations and a new booking.

No-show (non-attendance on departure)

The customer is obliged to attend at times as stated in the travel documents. Delays or other circumstances that prevent this are the customer’s own risk. No-show (non-attendance on departure) is to be regarded as cancellation of the trip, and the organizer will cancel both stays and remaining transport and activities if the customer has not contacted us within 12 hours after the scheduled or stated departure time.

6. The organizer’s right to cancel or change the trip without liability.

The organizer can cancel the trip if the number of seats or occupancy condition har not been meet. In this case the guest will be informed in advance:

20 days before the day of departure starts for journeys lasting more than 6 days.
7 days before the package tour begins for journeys lasting between 2 and 6 days.
48 hours before the package tour begins for trips lasting less than 2 days.
The organizer’s minimum number applies to group tours and guided excursions only.

For special groups, special conditions apply for the minimum number, which is stated when ordering. Cancellation will then take place no later than 20 days before the departure day starts.

The organizer’s right to change the content of the trip or conditions after entering into an agreement

The organizer reserves the right to make program changes. Minor changes are continuously updated on the organizer’s website. Significant changes that occur after you have booked the trip, will be notified in writing or by telephone as soon as the Organizer is aware of the change. Information about transport times, transport companies and transport type is preliminary. Final information appears on the ticket, but can also be changed after the ticket has been issued. In this case a new ticket will be provided from the organizer’s website.

7. The customer’s duties

The customer is obliged to familiarize themselves with these general terms or the conditions the organizer has published on its website, in its catalog or in another way.