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Our vision is to be the leading tour operator for sustainable adventure travel in Jotunheimen National Park and Valdres.

We offer everything from hiking trough several days, mountain hikes to the most iconic peaks in Jotunheimen, shorter, exciting day hikes, bike rides along the Mjølkevegen – to personalized hikes. Through our collaboration with local companies, we want to give our guests a unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly experience in our mountains.

Siri Gjendemsjø –
Travel Designer 

As an Travel Designer, I work to create great and memorable experiences for everyone who wants to go out into nature with us. In my spare time, you can find me running, on a mountain bike, on cross-country skis, on foot, or behind a dog sled with eager huskys.

I appreciate the slow outdoor life, and the challenges nature provides; crossing a glacier, orienteering in bad weather, being able to handle a climbing rope to reach the last meters to the summit point. I take all these experiences with me into the design of the trips we offer in Jotunheimen Travel.


Simon Michalowicz –
Travel Designer and Guide

As a product designer and as a guide for tours my goal is to provide our customers with great trips and positive experiences that last for long. The Valdres region offers so many fantastic opportunities throughout the year, does not matter to which season of the year you would like to come here! 

Together as a team we will find the trip that suits your demands most, that is what we are working on every day for you! 

Being outdoors the whole year is my favourite – with my backpack on a multi-day hike, on skis from cabin to cabin or on my gravel bike for a long day in the saddle. The Norwegian Friluftsliv in every kind of way is my big passion, as guy from Germany who felt in love with the North the Valdres area is the perfect base and playground. It needs only one step out of the door of my house to have all these fantastic outdoor opportunities ready that this region offers! 



Mirella Nedrotti –
Booking and Travel Designer for Fjord Mountain Route



Ann Kristin –

I work in the booking department here at Jotunheimen Travel and will be one of those who gladly handle the booking of your next dream trip! I hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Leadership of Tourism Experiences from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, and practical travel industry experience from working at Walt Disney World, Florida. 

I have a personal passion for travel, which motivates me to create unforgettable experiences for our guests. Alongside my wonderful colleagues, I aim to provide seamless bookings and personalized recommendations, ensuring that all our guests find a trip that suits them. 

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking in the forest and mountains, skiing, reading a good book, or spending time with loved ones. I greatly appreciate the peace and joy nature brings me, and aspire to help our guests experience the same.

Robert Indrebø

Robert Indrebø –
Marketing |
Content producer


My job at Jotunheimen Travel, as a marketer, is to make sure that as many people as possible get to know our fantastic region!

Together with my good colleagues, I work to ensure that you will have a good overall experience, from the moment you meet us in the digital world, book the trip you want – until you get off the bus and can look back on a unique tour in the mountains.

The best thing about working at Jotunheimen Travel is to be close to nature, explore routes and terrain, and give you the best information possible, so it will be easy for you to choose us.

Otherwise, I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures and people. My interests are soccer and music.

Kathrin Bock –
Intern Student

I am a Bachelor Student from Germany, interning at JVB Travel until the end of August. My passion for hospitality and travelling began with a two-year backpacking adventure across New Zealand and Australia. Followed by formal training as a hotel specialist in Germany. Now, I’m excited to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to create unique experiences for our guests here at JVB travel..

My task at JVB travel is to support the booking department in their daily tasks. I enjoy the contact with our guests, suppliers, and getting creative with solutions. It’s right up my alley.

Outside of work I am exploring the stunning landscape of Norway, constantly awed by its beauty. Or you find me unwinding with a ball of yarn, knitting needles and a good cup of coffee in either the garden or a nice café. 



Robert Indrebø

Glenn Roar Berge –
Sales manager

I am responsible for selling active, nature-based vacations to foreign markets (B2B) and developing new products. In the sales role, I learn a lot about what the various markets demand, and I take this knowledge with me to our skilled product developers so that Jotunheimen Travel can offer the best active vacations in our region.

I have several years of experience in the tourism industry, both directly with guests as a mountain guide/host and with development and sales work of nature-based vacations in the sales organization Mountains of Norway.

When I’m traveling myself, I like to be active and have engaged in mountain biking in California, sailed from Tonga to New Zealand, from Newfoundland to Greenland, and climbed in the Himalayas, to name a few. I am passionate about providing our guests with unique experiences through active, nature-based, and sustainable vacations where experiences from my own travels are used extensively.



Bjørn Skinnarland –
Sales Manager











Robert Indrebø

Georg Sichelschmidt –
CEO | Product development

As general manager of Jotunheimen Travel, I am responsible for ensuring that your trip is experienced in a good way from the start of the trip to the end. I also work with product development and am booking manager. It is me you are talking to when you contact us.

Originally I’m from Germany, but the Norwegian mountains have always occupied me, so after 12 years in the tourism industry, and as a guide in Northern Norway, I’m happy to help develop Jotunheimen Travel with my good colleagues.

Part of our job is to be out in the fields, which I also use a lot of my free time for – hiking, cycling and exploring Jotunheimen and Valdres to be able to give you the best experiences.





Our guides are all outdoor junkies and love to show you our region and the experiences you can get here. All guides in Jotunheimen Travel have the necessary certificates, and are concerned that you get through the trip safely, filled with mastery and more knowledge.

When you book a guided tour with us, you will get to know one of these skilled guides:

Glenn Roar

Bussen over fjellet

Our bus drivers have professional pride and thrive in our company that has over a hundred years of history. We have been driving visitors to Valdres and Jotunheimen since 1909.

You will meet our bus drivers first, in your travel with us. They will welcome you, take gently care of your luggage, and drive you safely between all destinations from Oslo and Bergen to Jotunheimen and Valdres. 

Captain M/B Bitihorn

On  board on M/B Bitihorn “Bygdinbåten” you will meet Captain Magnus Kvame.

He sails you safely across Bygdinvannet with a historic buzz, M / B Bitihorn was built and launched in 1912, and had its maiden voyage on 17 July the same year.

The boat has been in traffic on Bygdin since, only interrupted by a couple of years during World War II.

Social responsibility and environmental protection
Jotunheimen Travel has a vision to be the leading player in sustainable experience tourism in Jotunheimen and Valdres. With this, we commit ourselves to focus on climate and environment, economy and social conditions.
Jotunheimen Travel is environmentally certified
We are proud to be an Eco-Lighthouse company. This places demands on us regarding waste management, energy-reducing measures, good HSE routines, environmental requirements when purchasing and environmental focus when transporting. We work actively with waste minimization, we have a well-functioning HSE management, and we prefer suppliers who are also Eco-Lighthouse certified.
Travel environmentally friendly

All our journeys include arrival and departure with environmentally friendly, modern buses. Our parent company, JVB, operates the stretch from Oslo to Bergen, and owns tracked vehicles and the boat on Bygdinvannet in Jotunheimen. Your personal greenhouse gas footprint is minimal when we can travel environmentally friendly to the mountains, without the use of a car. By choosing us as a tour operator, you contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism in our region.

We support local businesses

In order to give our guests the best experiences, we collaborate with many wonderful people and places in Valdres and Jotunheimen. These are drivers who are really passionate about their local business, whether it is mountain lodges, guiding, mountain boats or restaurants. This provides high quality experiences, which ensures that our guests arrive safely and have a good experience from the trip start to finish. Through this collaboration, we support the local business community, and with this jobs in the districts that at the same time maintain the attractions for the locals in our region.


Our guides and employees otherwise need quality hiking equipment to be able to guide and explore new experiences in the mountains. The production of hiking equipment is known for not being the most environmentally friendly, a lot of plastic and preparations are used to make the clothes waterproof and withstand rough weather.
We are aware of this and have therefore chosen a supplier who as of today has managed to produce all its collections from 100% recycled material. The clothes are manufactured in Europe, and are durable with high quality, so we can use them for many years to come. With Houdini, we have found a supplier that fits our vision; to be a leader in sustainability.

A local company with a long business story

Jotunheimen Travel is part of JVB AS – a company with over 100 years of history. Throughout its life, JVB has provided transport in and to and from Valdres and Jotunheimen and operates the tracked vehicles along Tyin, the boat M / B Bitihorn at Bygdin and the express buses between Oslo and Bergen through Valdres. Jotunheimen Travel is the latest company under JVB, and our goal is to create further development in local tourism by gathering players who will give you a trip experience out of the ordinary.

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