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Mindful Hikes in Jotunheimen Winter

5 days, Partial guided
Welcome to the majestic winter in Jotunheimen. Enjoy a 5 days winter holiday in the heart of Norway, combining snowshoe hikes with relaxing and mindful yoga and sauna sessions. Jotunheimen, the highest mountain range in Norway, is the inspiring background for a time when you will experience activities outside in winter Norway with a lot of time for yourself to recharge your batteries and enjoy the silence of winter landscapes in Norway.



  • Hiking with snowshoes in Jotunheimen
  • Yoga and sauna
  • Delicious food based on local ingredients


  • Bus from/to Oslo
  • Accommodation x 4
  • Dinner, Breakfast with packed lunch x 4
  • Rental Snowshoes
  • Sauna x 2
  • Yoga x 2
  • Guided hike with snowshoes x 1
  • Storytelling x 1

Season & Prices 2024

February – April 24

Arrival: each  Wednesdays:
First arrival: 28.02.2024
Last arrival: 17.04.2024

Person in dobbelroom:
NOK 10.299
Single room supplement:
NOK 2.100
Children on request

Yoga, sauna and snowshoeing in winter Norway

Indulge in the tranquility of a winter holiday in Norway with our exclusive package at Bygdin, nestled in the winter wonderland of Jotunheimen. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embark on a soul-soothing journey that starts right from Oslo.

Your retreat begins at our off-grid hotel, perfectly positioned at the threshold of Jotunheimen National Park. This immersive experience allows you to explore the majestic landscapes of Jotunheimen, far from the disturbances of traffic. Your host will accompany you on one guided hike, offering insights into the breathtaking surroundings. For other adventures, follow the trail marked by sticks, providing a sense of freedom amidst nature’s grandeur.

Start your mornings with a serene yoga class, setting the tone for a day filled with snow-clad exploration. After your invigorating hikes, unwind in the soothing warmth of the sauna or dare to take a refreshing dip in the snow. Embrace the winter magic with flexible days designed to adapt to the whims of the snowy weather.

One evening, your host will weave enchanting tales about the area, adding a touch of local flavor to your stay. This winter holiday package is tailored for those seeking respite, relaxation, and a chance to revel in the quietude of Jotunheimen. Recharge your batteries, immerse yourself in the beauty of winter, and let the stress of the city melt away amidst the pristine landscapes of Jotunheimen. Winter holiday in Norway has never been this rejuvenating.


Day to day

Wednesday: Arrival Bygdin

Arrival by bus from Oslo Bus Terminal to Bygdin.

At Beitostølen, transfer by car for the last 15 minutes.

Thursday: Guided Snowshoe hike

Please note that the outdoor program may be subject to changes due to rapidly changing winter weather conditions in the mountains. Our staff will provide guidance and ensure a safe and memorable experience for you

Guided Snowshoe hike
You will get a guided snowshoe hike with one of the guides at the hotel. Depending on the weather, skills, and wishes you will make a decision together with the host on what hike you will do. One option is to go to a cottage for a nice lunch or go to a peak, outside the marked trails, in the area. Make an appointment with the staff when you arrive, when and where to hike. There may be other guests joining this hike.

Friday: Self-guided Snowshoe hike

Self-guided Snowshoe hike
There are several marked hikes around the hotel. Do always talk to the staff for recommendations on where to go from day to day, and get detailed information about the weather. If the sky is clear in the night, you can take a small hike around the hotel to watch the starry sky

Saturday: self-guided Snowshoe hike

Self-guided Snowshoe hike
There are several marked hikes around the hotel. Do always talk to the staff for recommendations on where to go from day to day, and get detailed information about the weather. If the sky is clear in the night, you can take a small hike around the hotel to watch the starry sky

Flexible activities

For two of the days there will be yoga classes in the morning. We adapt our classes to suit the skill level of our guests, making sure everyone has the chance to get the most out of the experience. We will mostly practice Hatha yoga (60min). This form of yoga is the most traditional style of yoga that focuses on Asanas (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), and Meditation.

Pleasant waking up by connecting with our body and with mind. Gently stretching different body parts, lubricating joints, warming up by breathing – all of it brings energizing and awareness to ourselves. 

At 5 pm the sauna will be warm for 1 hour for you. Two sauna sessions are included in the pack. The sauna is beautiful located by Bygdin Lake just outside the hotel with an amazing view over the mountains of Jotunheimen,  heated with firewood. It is mixed gender with swimwear.

One of the evenings you can enjoy one of the staff members telling stories about the hotel and the area of Jotunheimen.

Sunday: Departure

From Bygdin to Oslo by bus.



Sled ride, NOK 1000 per pax (Min. 2 pax)
This is a very unique experience.   

You will go by car for about 15 min to the horsefarm. Here you will get one one-hour drive on the horse sled in the sheltered woods. The Horses have bells. You will get a warm fur over your lap, and a warm toddy.

Extra Yoga class, NOK 150
Two classes of yoga are included. If you would like one extra morning with yoga you can add this too.

Extra Sauna, NOK 190
Two sauna sessions are included. You are welcome to add a third one.

Extra night in Oslo, on request
If you are interested in seeing the capital of Norway, or your flight is arriving/departure late, you can add extra nights in Oslo.

Important Details

To fully enjoy your hiking adventure in the mountainous areas in wintertime, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and local temperatures. For a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we recommend wearing warm, waterproof clothing, sturdy winter boots with a good hiking sole for snow shoes that provide ankle support, and sunscreen and sunglasses.You will receive with your travel documents a detailed equipment list.

Everyone is welcome to join this winter experience, regardless of experience.


Bygdin Høyfjellshotell
This hotel has a long tradition of hosting active mountain people who want to visit Jotunheimen. Even tho many rooms were renovated you will get a historical atmosphere. The food is sure to be the highlight of your stay. Dinner is made from local ingredients and comes to taste great.

You will get a room with a private bathroom.


The food is based on local ingredients. For breakfast, there will be a buffet. Here you also need to make yourself a packed lunch that you bring to lunch for the day. It is possible to fill a thermos. Dinner will be served in the afternoon/evening.


You will get a description of the possible snowshoeing hikes. These trails are well-marked. The first day, you will be part of a guided hike.


No physical requirements.

Equipment list

When you book with us, we’ll provide you with a packing list to ensure you have all the necessary clothing and gear.


Travel green by using public transport. The express buses take you straight from the capital to the heart of Norway. On the way, you will pass mountains, valleys, rivers, and beautiful farms. The buses have free WiFi, power outlets with USB chargers, and toilets.

Experience the convenience of choosing from various departure times and travel destinations along our express bus routes. Share your travel plans with us, and we’ll take care of the arrangements, ensuring a stress-free experience for you. 

Departure times from Oslo Bus Terminal
Choose from the following departures:
08.30 am – 12.27 pm
1.05 pm – 5.09 pm

You will be picked up by car for the last 15 minutes of your travel.

You will be driven by car for the first 15 minutes of your travel.

Departure times from Beitostølen to Oslo Bus Terminal
Choose from the following departures:
8.00 am – 11.55 am
12.45 am – 4.45 pm
2.40 pm – 6.35 pm


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