Foto: Myhre Gård

New year holiday

Mountain Norway and Jotunheimen offer the best surroundings for a winter holiday in Norway. The snowy, frozen and peaceful landscape is the playground for several exciting activities during your new year holiday. 

Get inspired from our unique activities for Christmas and New Year:

New Year holiday

New year and Christmas in Norway 

New year and Christmas in the mountains of Norway is a magic adventure. Be active outside in a winterwonderland with outdoor activities like skiing, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, horseback riding, ice fishing, Nordic skiing or hiking along the winter trails. Welcome to your dream holiday in winter Norway during Christmas and New Year.

Frequently asked questions about New Year holidays

You probably have many questions when it comes to our New Year holiday packages. Here we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you are wondering about anything else, please – feel free to contact us.

What can we experience during New Year?

There is so much to do – of course, we would like to invite you to visit the mountains of Norway during Christmas and New Year. This time is gorgeous and magical with a lot of snow outside, the houses shining with their Christmas decorations and you sitting in front of wood fired stove   – that’s coziness as you are imagine since childhood.

Which activities do you offer during New Year?

Its all about snow and winter activities here – try dogsledding, horseback riding in the snow, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing or just being outside and sitting around a bonfire.

We offer as well multi day tours with accommodation – from hotels to more basic accommodation or wilderness cabin experiences.

How is the transport - how do I get to New Year and Christmas?

All our activities and packages can be booked included bus transfer from Oslo or Bergen. This will be described in the product description. We have daily departures from Oslo and Bergen and the bus tour into the winter mountains is already a journey with marvelous views and impressions when you leave the hectic city life and immerse yourself in the calming winter landscape along the road.