Winter 2019/2020

Experience Jotunheimen in the winter!

Have you ever wanted to visit Norway in the winter? Want to make sure you get a white Christmas and winter? Jotunheimen is the perfect place to relax and just enjoy the peaceful and quiet nature.

Strap on your skis or snowshoes and go for a walk. We have both guided tours and short day and weekend tours in the area! We can also tailor make your perfect winter tour, or book one of our pre-made winter adventure packages!

Guided tour

Norwegian Winter Adventure

Experience everything winter Norway has to offer! The tour starts in Jotunheimen and the mountains. Before it continues through the country with dog-sledding, snowcoach, snowshoe hiking, and ends with a cruise in the UNESCO listed fjords of Norway.

Guided tour

Jotunheimen Winter Weekend

25km dog sledding, snowcoach and snowshoes hike all in one weekend! The best of the best of what Jotunheimen has to offer, and all this in just 3 days!

Guided tour

Winter Base Camp (3-Days)
Have you ever wanted to be one with nature? Just get out in the middle of the winter-landscape, and camp for a night? Well this is your chance! On this tour we will do everything from learning how to cook and camp outside in the winter, to actually going out and doing it!