Winter Adventures in Mountain-Norway


Have you ever wanted to visit Norway during the cold and snowy winter? Experience Jotunheimen National Park in the middle of snowhere!

Norway is known for it’s long, cold and snow-white winters, and for all the different activities one can do on snow and ice. Try Nordic skiing, dog sledding, snow shoeing and so much more! Jotunheimen National Park offers all of this, in one of Norway’s most beautiful and exciting regions. Here you will travel in the footsteps of artists and adventurers, on snowy paths and through snow-covered forests and past majestic mountains.

For centuries the Nordic people have practised different snow-related, activities both for practical and recreational purposes. Today both visitors and Norwegians alike look forward to and enjoy holidays during this exciting season, surrounded by the peaceful and quiet nature. There is something for everyone; new beginners who just want to step out of their comfort zone, can try some easy snowshoeing and enjoy short walks on the snowy roads as well as warm evenings in front of the fireplace. More experienced adventurers who need to cross Winter-Norway of their bucket list should explore the landscapes on skis and snow shoes, or even get behind a dog sledge! For the advanced trekkers who feel more at home outside in nature than inside, we only have one things to say; knock yourself out! There are endless slopes and even possibilities to sleep outside under the clear starry winter sky. Come spend relaxing time with your family or friends, or a romantic getaway for couples!

Strap on your skis or snowshoes and go for a walk. We have both guided tours and short day and weekend tours in the area! We can also tailor make your perfect winter tour, or book one of our popular winter adventure packages especially designed to meet your expectations!

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Guided tour(s)
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Besseggen in the winter! (2/3-Days)
Do you get your skiing thrills from soaring down high peaks through untouched winter wonderlands? Are unmarked trails, far away from the hustle and bustle your ideal holiday destination? Look no further!

Guided tour(s)

Norwegian Winter Adventure (7-Days)
Experience everything winter Norway has to offer! The tour starts in Jotunheimen and the mountains. Before it continues through the country with dog-sledding, snowcoach, snowshoe hiking, and ends with a cruise in the UNESCO listed fjords of Norway.

Guided tour(s)

Jotunheimen Winter Weekend (28th of March)
25km dog sledding, snowcoach and snowshoes hike all in one weekend! The best of the best of what Jotunheimen has to offer, and all this in just 3 days!

Guided tour(s)

Winter Base Camp (3-Days)
Have you ever wanted to be one with nature? Just get out in the middle of the winter-landscape, and camp for a night? Well this is your chance! On this tour we will do everything from learning how to cook and camp outside in the winter, to actually going out and doing it!

Self-guided tour

Mountain Snow Holiday (6-Days)
We offer a 6-day getaway to the mountain region of Valdres, where you can enjoy traditional Norwegian cross country skiing or snowshoeing, an activity perfect for families, friends and couples.

Self-guided tour

Snowcoach Adventure (2/3-Days)
There is only one way in and our to this hidden gem. End up “in the middle of Snowhere” at Eidsbugarden. Travel through snow covered Jotunheimen in the historical snow coaches, especially designed to run on snow and ice surfaces.

Guided tour(s)

Tyin-Filefjell Winter Ski Touring (2/3 Days)
Travel by Valdresekspressen from Oslo to Tyin/ Filefjell and join us on this guided ski touring tour around magnificent Filefjell. The tours are tailored to each group. Get your adrenaline pumping with high peaks and exciting off-piste slopes!

Self-guided tour

Easter Holiday
This Easter trip takes you from Oslo and straight into Jotunheimen where you can enjoy two full days of cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Experience a true Norwegian winter and Easter.

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