Mjølkevegen: North route hightlights

Mjølkevegen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)
Mjølkevegen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)

Mjølkevegen has been voted one of the most attractive cycling routes in Norway. This route will give you everything the Valdres region has to offer. The entire official route is between Vinstra and Gol and stretches a total of 250 km. For our route we have focused on a 7 day trip on a 180 km route from Lemonsjø to Beitostølen. The route covers some of the best highlights as well the boattrip across Bygdin with M/B Bitihorn.

Accommodation, food and drinks:

  • All accommodation included
  • Food and drinks are served at accommodations
  • Hiking-Board” meal plan with 3 meals a day included in the price! For more information read more here.


  • Bus transportation round-trip from Oslo to start and end of tour available as addon
  • Transportation from end of route to start included

Luggage transportation:

  • From Lemonsjø to Bygdin
  • From Bygdin to Tyinholmen
  • From Tyinholmen to Beitostølen
  • Bring a smaller backpack for the stages as well for the two overnight stays at Ruten and Sørre Hemsing.


  • Day 1: Arrival Lemonsjø Fjellstue
  • Day 2: Cycling through Murudalen to Ruten Fjellstue
  • Day 3: Cycling along Jotunheimvegen to Bygdin Fjellhotell
  • Day 4: Boat ride with M/B Bitihorn on Bygdin and cycling from Eidsbugarden to Tyinholmen
  • Day 5: Cycling on Kongevegen to Sørre Hemsing
  • Day 6: Cycling on Slettefjellet to Beitostølen
  • Day 7: Departure from Beitostølen

  • Mjølkevegen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)
  • Mjølkevegen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)
  • Mjølkevegen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)
  • Mjølkevegen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)
  • Mjølkevegen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)

Stage overview

Lemonsjø - Ruten

Day 2: Lemonsjø Fjellstue – Ruten Fjellstue

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 58,5 km
  • Elevation Gain: 700 meters
  • Duration: 3-5 hours

Trail description

From Lemonsjøen you cross the cabin village and cycle along the old road to Randsverk, where you meet road 257 towards Heidal. Follow it to the left until Leirflaten where you exit to the right onto road 442 which leads up the Murudalen Valley. After approx. 15 km, right after crossing the bridge over the River Sjoa, keep to the right and follow the western side of the River Muru. The roads starts climbing and you pass the exit towards Sikkilsdalssetrene. Keep straight ahead also in the crossing with the road to Heimdalen Valley and cross the River Hinøgla on the bridge. Now the roads descends towards the river and runs alongside it past Lake Slangen. Before you reach the mountain farm Slangensetra, exit to the right and follow the road along the southern shore of Lake Olstappen until you’ve crossed its outflow, the River Espa, on the bridge. Continue along the eastern shore of the lake until you meet the sealed road from Skåbu and exit to the right towards Ruten.

Accommodation at Ruten Fjellstue

Ruten - Bygdin

Day 3: The second stage with Ruten Fjellstue – Jotunheimvegen – Bygdin Høyfjellshotell

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 62,5 kilometre

Trail description

From Ruten the route leads along the scenic gravel road Jotunheimvegen, which runs between Skåbu and Bygdin. This is an idyllic stretch with lots of beautiful scenery, active farming and panoramic views. Keep an eye out for reindeer grazing in the area. After approx. 43 km you arrive at Haugseter Fjellstue, which is located by Lake Vinstervatn. Take time to enjoy the tranquil and beautiful surroundings, join a fishing trip, and enjoy eating some local mountain dishes.

The route follows the shore along the Vinstervatn where you will most likely meet cows, sheep and goats who graze freely. Here you get close to the mountain farm life, which is an important part of the Valdres culture. After approx. 12 km, you will meet road 51 (National Tourist Road Valdresflye) and turn left towards Bygdin and Beitostølen. Here you will see some spectacular mountains and also have hiking opportunities along the way; such as Synshorn and Bitihorn. Please be aware of heavier traffic along this short section. After 1.4 km you arrive at Bygdin Høyfjellshotell.

Accommodation at Bygdin

Bygdin - Tyinholmen
(M/B Bitihorn)

Day 4: The third stage with Bygdin Høyfjellshotell – M/B Bitihorn – Tyinholmen

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 32km (28km Boat, 3-4km cycling)
  • Elevation Gain: 220 meters
  • Duration: 2-2,5 hours

Trail description

After breakfast, you enjoy some free time to explore the area. We suggest a hike up to Bitihorn or Synshorn (also possible on the Via ferrata – prebooking required) Synshorn or into the idyllic Fagerdalen Valley. On a lovely summer’s day you might be tempted to enjoy a swim in the lake.

At 1.30PM you depart on the passenger ferry M/B Bitihorn over Lake Bygdin to Eidsbugarden. On the way, take in the impressive mountain scenery of southern Jotunheimen. From Eidsbugarden, cycle 3 km to Tyinholmen at the shore of Lake Tyin.

There’s still enough time left of the afternoon to take a side trip on your bicycle into the Koldedalen Valley with a phenomenal view towards the legendary mountain of Falketind or hike up to Utsikten, the mountain named “View”.

Accommodation at Tyinholmen

Tyinholmen - Sørre Hemsing

Day 5: The forth stage with Tyinholmen to Sørre Hemsing

  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium
  • Distance: 50 km
  • Elevation Gain: 536km
  • Duration: 3-5 hours

Trail description

From Tyinholmen, follow the road along the lake (fv 252) for approx. 17 km. Exit onto road 53 and follow it to the left until Tyinkrysset, approx. 4 km. Be aware of the traffic along this stretch.
From Tyinkrysset we recommend following the historical Kongevegen – the King’s Road – to Øye. In the first half of 2019, there will still be road work on the new E16 at Øye, so cycle with care. We recommend a side trip to the medieval Stave Church of Øye (approx. 2 km one way). Back at the crossing with Kongevegen, continue on Vennisvegen along the northern shore of Lake Vangsmjøsa langs to Hensåsen. Follow the signs towards the E16 downhill until you reach the farm Sørre Hemsing.
Accommodation at Sørre Hemsing

Sørre Hemsing - Beitostølen

Day 6: The last stage of Mjølkevegen from Sørre Hemsing to Beitostølen

  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 30 km
  • Elevation Gain: 1100 m
  • Duration: 3-6 hours

Trail description

Your last day of cycling will be the hardest. Go uphill back to Hensåsen and continue along Slettefjellvegen towards Beitostølen. After a couple of bends, a short walk (10 min.) to the waterfall Sputrefossen is a nice break (be careful when the grass is wet – the path is narrow!). You now face a tough ascend to the highest point of the road on the Slettefjell mountain plateau. It is not too long, but is is steep! On the top of Slettefjell, you are at 1315 m.a.s.l. Take a rest and enjoy the formidable view back to Vang and towards Jotunheimen! Be careful on the downhill run towards the mountain farm Mugnestølen, especially when the road is wet. After a little bit more than a kilometer after Mugnestølen, at Lake Fleinsendin, make a right and continue along Slettefjellvegen via Lykkja to Beito.

Turn left towards Beitostølen and brace yourself for the last, 3 km long ascend to Beitostølen. In the crossing with road 51, turn left, and you have reached the Radisson BLU hotel.

At Beitostølen, there’s a wide range of activities, experiences and places to eat. Enjoy your stay!

Accommodation at Radisson BLU Beitostølen



About Lemonsjø

Lemonsjø Fjellstue og Hyttegrend comprises of cabins, apartments and hotelrooms for short and long term rental.

Located on the second floor of the Lodge they have four comfortable hotel room with beautiful views over the lake and the mountains.

Each room comprises a double bed, sitting area and ensuite bathroom. Our salon offers a cosy atmosphere with a traditional Norwegian fireplace the enjoy anytime for our guests.

Activities around Lemonsjø

Lemonsjø Fjellstue & Hyttegrend offers boat rental on five different mountain lakes, maps of hiking and biking trails in the area along the best local information.

There are very good opportunities for swimming in the vicinity. A refreshing bath in crystal clear, pure water is always teasing. Fresh is a suitable term in any case. The water is hardly ever above 15°C even in summer. Near Lemonsjøen, on the river Rinda or near Tessesjøen you will find the best places.

Check in the reception for better descriptions and other tour suggestions.

Ruten Fjellstue

About Ruten

Ruten Fjellstue is located in the upper part of Espedalen, and was originally an old mountain farm that belonged to the farm named Søre Brenden in Skåbu. 

Espedalen is a side valley to Gudbrandsdalen and is found by classified road (rv) 255, between the roads Peer Gynt-veien and Jotunheimveien

Bygdin Høifieldshotell

About Bygdin

Bygdin Høifieldshotell is located 1065 meters above sea level, next to Bygdin lake and 12 km north of the tourist area Beitostølen. Just outside the door you will also find Jotunheimen National Park, with several different hiking tours and some of the highest mountains in Norway. The known Besseggen route starts only 20 km away. On Bygdin lake you will also find M/B Bitihorn, the local transportation boat from 1912 with 2 daily departures.

Bygdin Høifieldshotell has been operated since 1897. With this history you will find several extinguished rooms, some historical and some brand new. Some with a bath and shower, and some rooms with access to bath in the hallway. These rooms include a housecoat/robe and slippers. All rooms have access to sauna and shower in the first floor.

Bygdin Høifieldshotell try to keep the old style and atmosphere. Furnitures and other equipment around the building can be traces back through history and gives the building its soul.

There is also space for mountain boots, ski shoes, dining shoes, bikes and of course space for your dogs.

Activities around Bygdin

Bygdin is the perfect location and starting point for several hiking and biking routes.

Take a walk or biking trip along the Bygdin lake. The road is a easy flat gravel road that is great both for biking and hiking. The route is only 6km as a roundtrip and suitable for short easy trip just to enjoy the beautiful scenery

For a bigger challenge you can try the Via Ferrata to Synshorn. A 400 meter climb up to the Synshorn Peak, supported by a guide, equipment and a settled route with a high level of safety. The trip takes about 4 hours, and is well worth it when you reach the top!


About Tyinholmen

Tyinholmen is one of the oldest and most traditional tourist destinations in Jotunheimen. The site was already established in 1892 and has since been in continuous operation, all the time owned by the same family. Building materials and facilities have been expanded and upgraded along the way and adapted to different times' expectations. The magnificent surroundings and unique atmosphere of the place have always been the same.

Tyinholmen has a total of 80 beds and you may choose from comfortable cabins, rooms or a apartment. After a day filled with activity you will sleep well in solid beds with Jensen mattress.

The cabins have from 5 to 8 beds, living room, kitchen and newly upgraded bathroom and toilet. The cabins are comfortable with rustic interior and solid furniture. In the living room there is a corner with a diningtable and seating for 6 people and centrally located there is a nice fireplace.

We highly recommend Tyinholmens cuisine that offers solid Norwegian mountain food based on local ingredients. All meals are served in the dining room.

In the main building there are several nice living rooms including reception, dining room, fireplace, bar and a lounge. In the lounge you can retreat with a book from our small collection of mountain literature. Downstairs we have shower facilities with sauna, which is a popular choice after hiking in the mountains.

Activities around Tyinholmen

From Tyinholmen there is a 9 km long construction road into Koldedalen to the foot of Falketind. From the bicycle seat you can experience a spectacular high mountain range with impressive views of glaciers, waterfalls, blue green mountain water and well known 2000 meters peaks.

The perhaps most spectacular cycling trip from Tyinholmen is to follow the old road from Tyin towards Årdal, also known as the "1000 meter". The road goes on the mountainside at about 1000 - meter altitude across the valley. Instead it is very steep and the mountain area Hurrungane is revealed along the way while cycling down. Down from the highest point on the road, it winds for approx. 40 turns all the way down to the gravel road at Riksvei 53. Returning back to Tyin can be done by buss with Valdresekspressen or if you are up for it by bike the same way back.

Check in the reception for better descriptions and other tour suggestions.

Sørre Hemsing

About Sørre Hemsing

Sørre Hemsing is a farm rich with traditions. The farm has an original octagonal farmyard with eight houses from the 17th and the 19th century. These eight houses are:”Oppistøga” (the main farmhouse),”Gamlestøga” (the older farmhouse), storehouse, cowshed, barn, forge, mill and drying house. Everything as it used to be in the old days, but with modern comfort. Sørre Hemsing is the ideal place for experiencing the peace, the quietness and the beautiful scenery of Vang.

Radisson Blu Mountain Resort Beitostølen

About Beitostølen Resort

A traditional first-class full service resort situated closed to Jotunheimen og Langsua Nationalpark . Close to shopping, restaurants, summerpark and other attractions. The hotel offers 127 rooms and suites . Wireless Internet Access is available throughout the hotel.

The hotel also offers a fitness centre, SPA, 25m swimming pool, sauna, solarium and indoor squash.

Activities around Beitostølen

Beitostølen Summer Park: A unique alpine sledge, a mini high rope course, a downhill carting track, bumper boats, chair lift and huge bungy trampolines.

Lyskappellet: Small chapel with special stained glass art designed by Ferdinand Finne. At Beitostølen Helsesportsenter, 2 km south of Beitostølen.

Olestølen: Visit Olestølen mountain farm, 15 minutes north-east of Beitostølen. You can greet the animals, taste the local food and buy tasty home-made cheese.

Check with the reception for better descriptions and more tour suggestions.


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