Summer Adventures


Mountain Adventure: 2 days horse trekking

Riding in the surroundings of Beitostølen, in the wilderness of the foothills of the Jotunheimen and Langsua national parks. The mysterious legends of the Trolls and the Giants. The perfect outdoor adventure for those who want to experience more than a single day trip. Maybe this is you and your family’s first overnight riding expedition? It’s also a […] Read more »

Outdoor Getaway: Husky and Canoe

Welcome to this exciting one-of-a-kind tour! If you’re an animal lover, enjoy untouched nature and you want to try something new and different, look no further. We offer a packed two-day outdoor escape with dog sledding with huskies and a relaxing canoe trip on Øyangen Lake and dinner cooked over a campfire. You will spend […] Read more »

Hiking Between Rivers and Waterfalls in Vettisriket

Come discover Vettisriket, a hidden gem where mountain Norway meets the fjords. Travel by car to Hjelle, and catch a glimpse of Hjellefossen before you travel by foot through Utladalen to Vetti Gard (farm) and Vettisfossen, Norway’s highest protected waterfall. This is an easy hike and a lovely getaway with beautiful scenery, in Jotunheimen National […] Read more »