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Kongevegen over Filefjell

Kongevegen stretches over 100 km with cultural heritage and original historical road. Previously, this was part of the main road between Oslo and Bergen. Today it is one of the best restored hiking trails we have. Kongevegen over Filefjell can offer several hiking trails and stretches. And has wonderful trips for the whole family. You can choose to walk shorter 2km stretches or up to a multi-day trip to cover the entire road.

Kongevegen – a historic hike

The road was originally built in the 1790s. Most of the road is still accessible, and recently restored as a walkway through a 2009 project.

In the “old days” the road was used by horse and carriage, on foot or by sleigh in winter. The route is quite steep, and the roads are built using an old stone and brick wall. It is also this structure that creates the spectacular view and has created some famous vantage points that are often a recurring theme in photos. Vindellaveien is one of these points that has also probably become the most famous part of the route. Although this part does well in photos, it was very difficult to climb with a heavy cart or sled. The route was therefore replaced after a few short decades in operation.

Kongevegen all seasons 

Kongevegen over filefjell passes several waterfalls and rivers. We can safely recommend a trip on this route all year round. Take a trip on snowshoes during the winter, or a trip in early spring when the flowers are about to bloom. There is never a “wrong” time to go on this trip.

The tour road also passes Borgund Stave Church. This is one of the best preserved stave churches in the country with a history dating back to the 1180s. Borgund Stave Church is a major tourist attraction in itself, and worth the trip alone.


Trips along Kongevegen

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