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Adventures from Bergen

We offer a range of activities and tours from Bergen to Jotunheimen National Park. Choose between day trips and multi-day trips. We take care of transport from and to Bergen with our own buses, luggage transport, arranging accommodation in cozy mountain hotels, and delicious local cuisine along the way.

Tours and activities with Bergen as a starting point

If you are in Bergen, you have several opportunities to experience great nature in all seasons simply with Jotunheimen Travel. We have something for all activity levels and types. Do you want speed and excitement, or quiet day trips with a view? The choice is yours. All trips include luggage transport and transport to and from Bergen with our own buses.

Tailor-made experiences from Bergen

Do you want your very own tour for you, your family or a group of friends? We also tailor private tours and personal experiences completely to your liking, according to your interests and wishes. One of our experience designers will help you so that you get a trip that includes the activities and destinations you are most interested in. This is a super gift for yourself and the ones you love – that provides memories for a lifetime.

Trips from Bergen

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