Winter Weekend – In the Middle of Snowhere (28th March)


We are running a special tour on 28th of March. For this tour we will combine dogsledding, snowcoach and transportation. It is also possible to add a day before or after the tour with accommodation and meals from Tyinholmen and Bygdin Hotel.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure and unique encounter with the Norwegian winter and our four-legged champions! Let the Alaskan Huskies guide you along snowy and scenic paths, and through white mountains landscapes, and get a taste of how polar adventurers explored undiscovered area. The tour starts at Tyin where you will catch the snow coach that will take you through winter wonderland to Eidsbugarden. From Eidsbugarden you will continue your travel through Jotunheimen National Park with a dog sledding crew. Our experienced mushers will adapt the speed and pace according to your level of comfort, and if you are up for the challenge, you can become a part of the crew and not “just another guest”! And yes, this means that YOU will get to be the one leading your own group of Huskies!

You will travel 25 km from Eidsbugarden to Bygdin, past snow-covered peaks and along the frozen Bygdin Lake. The mushers will guide you, take care of the dogs and get you safely to Bygdin. This journey is out of the ordinary, and it will get your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing! Especially for animal lovers, it’s an amazing way to experience this area with these sturdy and loyal dogs by your side.   

Are you up for the challenge?


  • Bus transportation round-trip from/to Oslo to start/ end of tour 
    available as addon
  • Transportation back to Tyin included


  • Extra day 1 (before tour):
    • Arrival from Oslo to Tyin by Valdresekspressen
    • From Tyin you will be taken into the mountains, the Eidsbugarden area and Tyinholmen by snowcoach
    • Dinner and accommodation at Tyinholmen
  • Excursion day
    • Breakfast and lunch pack (with extra day before tour)
    • Get to know your dogs, learn the basics and then off for a 25km dog sledding adventure
    • Dinner and accommodation at Bygdin Hotel (with extra day after tour)
  • Extra day 3 (after tour):
    • Breakfast, lunch pack and free time at Bygdin
    • Valdresekspressen takes you back to Oslo

Relaxing Scenic Bus Ride

Ride with Valdresekspressen!

Enjoy the scenic journey from Oslo to the Valdres Region. After leaving the bustle of the capital you will soon find yourself on countryside roads passing through small towns and surrounded by lakes and fields. As you get further into the country, you will see the mountains in the distance and before you know you’ll find yourself climbing the steep roads that take you straight into the national park. The coach has adjustable seats, free WiFi, outlets with USB charging ports and toilet facilities on board.

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