In the middle of Snowhere: Dogsledding and Snowshoeing (7-Days)

Are you an experienced hiker, up for a challenge and used to some travelling in snow and mountain terrain? Welcome to our 7-day snowshoeing and dog sledding winter adventure!

This trip gives you the winter highlights of Jotunheimen. You will get your snowshoes on and properly explore the Bygdin area before you embark on a 30 km adventure behind a Alaskan Husky sledge along the frozen Bygdin lake. Our experienced mushers will adapt the speed and pace according to your level of comfort. If you are up for the challenge, you can become a part of the crew and not “just another guest”! And yes, this means that YOU will get to be the one leading your own group of Huskies!

The snow-coach will take you to Filefjell where you will spend two days conquering the winter slopes of the Kings’s road. This historical road was the first to connect the east and west of Norway, and recently reopened as a hiking route. In 2017 it was awarded the Europa Nostra prize for cultural heritage. You will get the bus further into the country and to the fjords by Øvre Årdal. Here you will explore Paradise Juvet and the fjords during the day. In the evening enjoy beer tasting at the local brewery in Øvre Årdal in the evening.

The last day is more relaxing as you will get the boat cruise on the UNESCO listed world famous fjords of Norway. Once you disembark in the small village of Flåm you will get on the train, Flåmsbanen, and enjoy a spectacular train journey from Flåm, back to Oslo city centre.

This trip is moderate to challenging and designed to meet the expectations of experienced hikers, in average to good physical condition. Alternatively, we can adapt the hikes to make it suitable for less experienced hikers.

Accommodation, food and drinks:

  • All accommodation included
  • Food and drinks included and served at accommodations
  • “Hiking-Board” meal plan with 3 meals a day included in the price! For more information read more here.


  • Bus transport from Oslo to start of tour 
  • Transportation from end of route to start included

Luggage transportation:

  • Luggage transportation for all the stages are included.


  • 2x Bygdin Hotel
  • 1x Fondsbu DNT
  • 2x Filefjellstuene
  • 1x Klingenberg Hotel


  • Day 1: Arrival from Oslo to the winter landscape
  • Day 2: Snowshoeing around Bygdin area
  • Day 3: Dog sledding to Eidsbugarden. Full day 30 km adventure along Bygdin lake
  • Day 4: Kings Road part I
  • Day 5: Kings Road part II
  • Day 6: Paradise Juvet and arrival at the fjords
  • Day 7: Fjord Cruise and Flåmsbanen back to Oslo

Bygdin and Snowshoeing

  • Ascent: 200-300m
  • Distance: 10km
  • Time 8-9 hrs hiking

Join a full 7-day winter adventure in Norway and Jotunheimen. The tour starts at Oslo central bus station and takes you up to Bygdin Hotel and Jotunheimen. You will travel like the locals on the scheduled bus routes, a great eco-friendly way to arrive at Jotunheimen.

Right outside the doorstep of Bygdin mountain hotel, the wild nature awaits to be explored and experienced. Jotunheimen is an enormous national park, with numerous options for exciting nature exploration,and we will seek out some hidden gems in this beautiful landscape. Your lunch is enjoyed outside by the bonfire, and you will have a traditional bonfire-coffee. In the evening, you will get the chance to experience an interesting lecture about the history of the area. 

Dog Sledding from Bygdin to Fondsbu

  • Distance: 30km
  • 6-8 hours dog-sledding tour

The local mushers will take you from Bygdin, on a dog sledding adventure in Jotunheimen. The dogs love attention from the guest, and want nothing more than to go for a long run through the wilderness. As soon as you release the breaks of the sledge, the sound from the dogs almost disappears. Listen to the sound of light feet running through the snow, as you move elegantly through the winter landscape. The journey takes us to Fondsbu, a charming DNT-hut run by the hostess Solbjørg.

Snowshoeing on Kings Road and stay at Filefjellstuene

From Fondsbu, the tour continues with the historical snowcoach running between Eidsbugarden and Tyn. Before you finish the last few kilometers to Filefjell for the start of “Kongevegen”.

“Kings Road” or “The historic Royal Route” is a 100km long cultural heritage that was the original main road between Oslo and Bergen. Today its one of the best restored and maintained hiking tracks in the area. 

The walk along Kings Road across Filefjell offers several tracks and paths. It is a great route both for hikers of all levels of experience. The paths can offer everything from great scenery in short 2 km walks to multi-day tours and excursions.

For this tour you will hike over Filefjell, from Kyrkjestølen to Maristova, taking you over the highest point of Kongevegen. The high mountain trail, above the treeline, provides incredible views of Jotunheimen and the nearby fjords.

You will also hike Vindhellavegen, the most spectacular stretch of Kongevegen over Filefjell, beginning next to Borgund Stav Church. The road goes through the Vindhella and turns you back and forth down the steep road to Husum. It is a good depiction of what types of roads were possible to build before the time of the dynamite. Built in 1842-43, the road was only suitable for horse and cart.

Snowshoeing to the Paradise Gorge and Beer Tasting at Klingenberg Hotel

Norway is famous for its magnificent fjords. And we will of course also continue our tour to the Årdal and a hike from Seimsåsen to the Paradise Gorge to see some of the most spectacular views of the Sognefjord. This hidden gem is not well known among tourists. This area is primarily used as a recreational area for the locals and therefore offer an authentic taste of the Norwegian outdoor lifestyle. The terrain is nice and comfortable to walk

After our hike we will check in at Klingenberg in Årdal and head into the Eldhuset for some beer tasting from the local brewery, Tya. This is an intimate and cozy venue where you will sip some first class beer next to a burning fireplace.

Fjord Cruise and Flåmsbanen

For the last day we will take a short cruise on the UNESCO listed world famous fjords of Norway. Enjoy the view and snap some photos!

Once we disembark in the small village of Flåm and are back on solid land, the last leg of the tour will continue by train. Flåmsbanen is considered by many to be the most beautiful train journey there is. But don’t take out word for it, with this tour you can decide for yourself! The train takes us from Flåm, back to Oslo city center.

Relaxing Scenic Bus Ride

Ride with Valdresekspressen!

Enjoy the scenic journey from Oslo to the Valdres Region. After leaving the bustle of the capital you will soon find yourself on countryside roads passing through small towns and surrounded by lakes and fields. As you get further into the country, you will see the mountains in the distance and before you know you’ll find yourself climbing the steep roads that take you straight into the national park. The coach has adjustable seats, free WiFi, outlets with USB charging ports and toilet facilities on board.

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