Svartdalen / The Black Valley (Day-trip)

Not one, but two fantastic boat trips. Gjendebåten on Gjende, and M/B Bitihorn on Bygdin. On top of that a hike through the most beautiful valley in Jotunheimen, Svartdalen. This must be one of the best day trips in Jotunheimen!


  • 08:45 Bus from Beitostølen availiable and included in the price (Remember to choose the right pickup location during booking)
  • 09:05: Departure M/B Bitihorn from Bygdin Hotel
  • 09:50: Arrival Torfinsbu
  • 09:50: Self-guided Hiking through Svartdalen to Gjendebu
  • 16:25: Departure with Gjendebåten from Gjendebu
  • 17:15 Arrival Gjendesheim
  • 17:20: Bus from Gjendesheim to Bygdin and Beitostølen
  • 17:50: Arrival Bygdin
  • 18:03: Arrival Beitostølen

Follow the link for all the information on Svartdalen valley.


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