Scenic Hikes


– Jotunheimen to Sognefjorden

Our Scenic Hikes Routes are public transport-based itineraries that combine a great blend of bucket list hikes with well-kept secrets in Jotunheimen National Park and the Sognefjord area. We offer three exciting trips, Joutnheimen, the King’s Road and the Fjords, that will take you through spectacular landscapes, with something to offer for adventurers of all kinds. Our three trips have been designed to be enjoyed separately, or to be connected and combined to your liking.

Jotunheimen: Norway’s Greatest National Park

Jotunheimen National Park is Norway’s most famous national park, and home to some of the country’s most epic hikes and highest peaks, as well as multiple historic hotels and lodges. The Scenic Hikes Jotunheimen Programme is ideal for adults in good physical shape and condition, with previous hiking experience. The most difficult stage of the tour is the popular Besseggen trail, a classic adventure for Norwegians. It’s attraction lies both in its mesmerising scenery, from the turquoise waters of the Gjende lake, to the spectacular view of mountain ridges and peaks into the far distance, as well as in its demanding terrain; steep descents and ascents, and long trails. The journey through Svartdalen is one of the most appreciated and respected treks among Norwegian outdoor adventurers. This rigorous hike combined with dramatic mountains towering over you from all sides can make you feel like you’re in an old folk tale.

For this tour you can also add a guided mountain peak tour to the Østre Torfinnstind or you can try a softer hike to Utsikten at Eidsbugarden.

  • Activities:
  • Hiking the famous Besseggen ridge
  • Hiking the scenic Svartdalen valley
  • Hiking to Utsikten viewpoint at Eidsbugarden or Østre Torfinnstind
  • Boat trips on lake Gjende, and with the MB Bitihorn on lake Bygdin

• Bygdin Høifjeldshotel: This historic mountain hotel dates back to the late 1800’s.
• Gjendesheim: Renowned and comfortable DNT cabi in the middle of Jotunheimen. Shared facilities.

Royal Hiking on the King’s Road

This historic road was the first to connect the east and west of Norway, and recently reopened as a hiking route. In 2017 it was awarded the Europa Nostra prize for cultural heritage. The King’s Road is a journey through history. Dating back to the 1790’s, the 100 km long royal route was built by hand by thousands of workers, forming the main road between Oslo and Bergen during the 18th and 19th century. Today, most of the route is still in very good condition, making it a cultural heritage site and one of the best maintained hiking tracks in the area. Over time the tracks have been reclaimed by nature making them into exciting trails with overgrown grass and plants.

With over 17 different routes,  you can base yourself at Filefjellstuene and make use of their daily shuttle service to enjoy as many of the highlights of the route as you prefer. Every morning a local guide from the King’s Road Programme will meet you at the hotel to present the different options and, depending on the weather, your fitness level and your personal preferences, find the best hike of the day for you. There will then be a transportation to and from the section you choose to hike for that day. It is a great route both for families, groups and couples.

• Hike the highlights of the historical King’s Road, including the famous mountain pass and the Vindhella – Galdane roundtrip
• Visit to Borgund stave church
• Enjoy the flexibility with the convenient hiking shuttle service which allows you to choose the best suitable hike from day to day

• Filefjellstuene: A cozy mountain lodge with modern and comfortable apartments

Exploring the Fjords

Explore the lesser-known parts of the Sognefjord by foot and kayak between historic accommodations in Årdal and Utladalen. Combine kayaking in the fjords in Årdal with hiking in the mountains in Jotunheimen National Park. This trek offers beginner friendly kayaking and shorter hikes and is perfect for those in average physical shape, who have some hiking experience and who wants to get off the beaten track. This four-day adventure takes you across Sognefjorden, a famous Norwegian fjord, and through the scenic and lush Utladalen valley, to Vettisfossen, Norway’s tallest protected waterfall. Discover the fairy-tale like and enchanting area of Utladalen, and stay at the 300-year-old Vetti Gard (farm) and Indre Ofredal.

• Beginner-friendly guided sea kayaking daytrip on the Sognefjord
• Hiking through the scenic Utladalen valley
• Explore Vettisfossen, Norway’s tallest protected waterfall

• Klingenberg hotel: A comfortable family-owned hotel by the shore of the Sognefjord in Årdal
• Vetti Gard: This old farm has more than 300 years of history in its walls. Shared facilities.
• Indre Ofredal: This vacated old settlement by the Sognefjord has been restored into an unique place to stay by local volunteers over the last decade. Shared facilities.

Self-guided tour

Scenic Hikes Jotunheimen (4-Days)
Visit the famous Besseggen ridge, and hike through Svartdalen valley. You can add in other scenic hikes like Utsikten or Østre Torfinnstind.

Self-guided tour

Scenic Hikes The Fjords (4-Days)
From the famous fjords in Årdal to the majestic mountain landscape in Utladalen and the gateway to Jotunheimen.

Self-guided tour

Scenic Hikes Kings Road (3-Days)
Enjoy your personal program on the Kings Road. Tailor your routes on the day depending on your preference, weather and fitness level. Up to 17 different routes to choose from each day.

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