Mountain Peaks – Østre Torfinnstind


Østre Torfinnstind or “Eastern Torfinnstind” is the highest one of the mountain Torfinnstindane’s three peaks. At 2,119 meters above sea level, it rises majestically in the sky behind Torfinnsbu, and can be seen from most mountains in the southern area of Jotunheimen. The hike is of the more challenging sort, and requires you to be in good physical health. But once you reach the top, the trip is well worth the challenge. In addition to magnificent views of the spectacular surroundings; one can – on a clear day – see almost all the way to Oslo. Do not forget to bring your camera!

For an even bigger challenge we also offer tours across all three Torfinnstind peaks.

Eastern Torfinnstind is located in the southern part of Jotunheimen, by the shores of lake Bygdin in the municipality of Vang. You can access the area by catching the Bitihorn ferry from Bygdin (the place), and hopping off at Torfinnsbu.

The hike takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours (breaks not included) and can easily be carried out as a daytrip. From the boat docks at Torfinnsbu at 09:50 am, you have just over 6.5 hours before you have to be back for the return to Bygdin.

Hike Description

  • Guided Tour
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 6 kilometres (Out and back)
  • Elevation: 2,119 m.a.s.l.
  • Elevation Gain: 1060 meters
  • Duration: 5-6 hours

The Torfinnstind climb starts directly from Torfinnsbu, and the hike up to the summit is only 3 kilometres long, making the hike 6 kilometres in total counting the return. The trip however has an elevation of 1059m up to the 2119 m top, making it quite challenging.

From Torfinnsbu you start out by following the marked path towards Gjendebu up Torfinnsdalen, to where the terrain flattens out somewhat. Here you turn left onto the unmarked path up to the steepest part of the climb, and into a chute formation. This is where it can get though, as some areas needs to be climbed, and finding the right track that will lead you to the top can be difficult. There are chutes that will lead you nowhere, and there are chutes that do take you to the top; but with a fare more difficult ascent than necessary. Particularly in the case of poor visibility, you can quickly make a wrong turn, and put yourself at risk.


For Whom Eastern Torfinnstind fits

As this hike is challenging, and finding the right track is essential, this hike should be carried out accompanied by an experienced, certified guide, with the right equipment and experience. Embarking on the climb on one’s own is only recommended for highly experienced hikers.

For our tours we have certified guides as well as we provide all the equipment you might need.


  • Boat transfers included
  • Bus transportation round-trip from/to Oslo available as add-on

Luggage transportation:

  • Luggage transportation for all the stages is included.

Agenda (Day-tour)

  • 08:45 Bus from Beitostølen available as add-on
  • 09:05: Boat from Bygdin to Eidsbugarden
  • 09:50: Arrival to Torfinnsbu
  • 09:50 – 16:30: Tour to Østre Torfinnstind
  • 16:30: Boat from Torfinnsbu to Bygdin
  • 17:15 Arrival at Bygdin
  • 17:50 Bus from Bygdin to Beitostølen 18:03 arrival available as add-on

When to go to Eastern Torfinnstind

As the easiest way to get to Torfinnsbu is by boat, the season for this trip is from late June to mid September, which is when the Bitihorn boat operates.

Conducting the hike itself in the wintertime is not impossible. However, roaming the area on snow and ice can be dangerous, due to the risk of avalanches and sudden storms and is not recommended.

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