Mountain Peaks – Nørdre Kalvehølotinden

Nørdre Kalvehølotinden

About Nørdre Kalvehølotinden

The mountain North (Nørdre in Norwegian) Kalvehølotinden, with its 2019 meters above sea level, is the southernmost of Norway’s 2000-meter peaks. Despite the name, the mountain is also actually the southernmost of the Kalvehølotindene mountains. The mountain is part of a ten-kilometer-long mountain massif called Kalvehøgde, which consists of ten peaks over 2000 meters, including Vang and Valdres’ highest peak, Vestre Kalvehøgde (2208 meters). North Kalvehølotinden is located just west of South Kalvehølotinden and just east of Torfinnstindane, and offers spectacular views of the majestic neighboring peaks of Torfinnstindane, and the majestic Jotunheimen in the north. Kalvehølotinden is a nice walk from Torfinnsbu. It is not too demanding, and is therefore fit for most people. The trip offers a relatively steep incline, and there is some light climbing necessary in some areas, but one can easily get to the top without the need for climbing equipment.

North Kalvehølotinden is located in the Gjende Alps in the southern part of Jotunheimen, north of the Bygdin lake’s shores, in the municipality of Vang. The easiest way to get there is by catching the boat M/B Bitihorn from Bygdin (the place) and hop off at Torfinnsbu.


From Torfinnsbu, the trip up to North Kalvehølotinden is about four kilometers long, depending somewhat on which path you choose. The hike has an elevation of 970 meters with a mostly steep incline, and needs light climbing in several short legs of the trip, but is otherwise relatively easy to get around. The return to Torfinnsbu goes in the same path as the one up, and all together the route is about 8 kilometers long.

The trip takes anywhere from four to about six hours to complete, and can be carried out as a day trip. From the M/B Bitihorn boat docks at Torfinnsbu at 09:50, you have just over 6.5 hours before you have to be back for the return to Bygdin. However, should it prove challenging, there are accommodation options at Torfinnsbu.

  • Nørdre Kalvehølotinden - Waterfall on the hike to the peak
  • Nørdre Kalvehølotinden - Hiking to the peak
  • The ferry Bitihorn on the lake Bygdin taken from Eidsbugarden and Fondsbu

Agenda (Day-tour)

  • 08:45 Bus from Beitostølen availiable as addon
    (Not included and needs to be added during booking)
  • 09:05: Boat from Bygdin to Eidsbugarden
  • 09:50: Arrival to Torfinnsbu
  • 09:50 – 16:30: Tour to Nørdre Kalvehølotinden
  • 16:30: Boat from Torfinnsbu to Bygdin
  • 17:15 Arrival at Bygdin
  • 17:50 Bus from Bygdin to Beitostølen 18:03 arrival availiable as addon
    (Not included and needs to be added during booking)

Whom the trip fits for

Although the hike up to the summit calls for some light climbing in steep terrain, the ascent is generally straightforward, and the peak should be accessible to most people – both adults and children with some mountain hiking experience.

This “friendly” peak is also a good alternative option for those who are considering embarking on the more challenging neighbor in the west, East Torfinnstind, but who suspects that it may be a bit too challenging. North Kalvehølotinden offers views just as spectacular as its neighbour, amongst other things to just that – the majestic Torfinnstindane.

When to go

As the easiest way to get to Torfinnsbu is by boat, the season for this trip is between the end of June and mid-September, which is when the M/B Bitihorn boat operates.

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