Cycling Routes

Cycling is one of the best ways to experience the Norwegian mountains as it allows you to cover long distances in few days and thus get as much as possible out of your holiday. Jotunheimen, home of the Jotner (Giants), is Norway’s most famous national park and home to 29 of the highest mountains in the country, including Galdhøpiggen, the tallest mountain in Northern Europe. This area offers breathtaking panoramic views of mountain ranges, peaks, fjords and lakes, as well as lush, green valleys, and picturesque farmlands.

We offer self-guided cycling routes over the course of five to ten days, including accommodation, food, luggage transportation on the legs, and extra transport during the trip. We can also supply you with equipment such as mountain bikes or electric bikes that will make the arduous ascents a lot more bearable.

Cycling through different terrains in the Norwegian mountains can be as strenuous as it is rewarding. The well-kept trails and roads, either on gravel or asphalt offer good travel conditions, but our unpredictable weather can turn a perfect summers day with clear blue sky into rainy day in a heartbeat. Still, summers in Norway are normally quite nice and warm. Our routes are not too long, so you will also have time to enjoy some other activities at the different lodges after the days cycling.   

Read more on the cycling tours:

Mjølkevegen: South Route (5-days)

The South Route offers shorter, family-friendly cycling tours with beautiful views on the south side of Mjølkevegen. With less hills, great views and shorter routes, this 5-day trip is perfect for families and groups!

Mjølkevegen: Detours with Birgit (4-days)

Together with Birgit Haugen, the author of the popular book Mjølkevegen med avstikkere (translation: The Old Milk Route with detours) we offer guided cycling tours of some of her favourite routes. Join Birgit on a cycling adventure over a l…

Mjølkevegen: North Route (7-days)

Mjølkevegen is one of Norway’s most attractive cycling routes. The week-long North Route cycling trip will give you all the highlights of what this beautiful part of Norway has to offer from the comfort of your bike seat. 

Mjølkevegen: Detours with Birgit (7-days)

Join Birgit Haugen, the author of the popular book Mjølkevegen med avstikkere (translation: The Old Milk Route with detours), on a guided 7-day cycling adventure that’ll show you some of Birgit’s favourite spots around Mj&oslash…

Mjølkevegen: The Grand Tour (9-days)

If you’d like to get the most in-depth experience of Mjølkevegen, The Grand Tour is the perfect option for you. This 9-day trip will cover most of Mjølkevegen and its detours, taking you from Lemonsjøen in the north to G…

Tesse Roundtour (2-days)

Stay a night at Lemonsjøen and explore the area around Lemonsjøen and Tesse during the day. The tour is also a great addon to the Mjølkevegen packages.

National Park Route: Mjølkevegen and Tour de Dovre (10-days)

This 359 km long route through The National Parks combines two of the best cycling routes in Mountain-Norway, Mjølkevegen and Tour de Dovre.

Tour de Dovre (5-days)

The Tour de Dovre cycling tour will help you discover the best of what Dovrefjell and Rondane have to offer. This is a 5-day tour that covers around 130 km, and is one of the most beautiful cycling trips in Norway.

Tour de Dovre – Route #2 (5-days)

Follow the same Tour de Dovre route, but we replace Trolltun with Toftemo accommodation for a slightly different package. The 132km tour offers the same fantastic views and the same cycling route.

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