Fun Farm Day Getaway

Leave the noisy city for a day and come join us for this unique getaway at Piltingsrud Farm. This is perfect for urbanite adults and kids who want to spend some time in nature and with animals at the farm.

Get out of the city in no time and find yourself surrounded by goats, lamas, horses, cows, pigs and rabbits. For lunch you’ll get to enjoy traditional Norwegian homemade moose sausages. There is plenty of time to explore the farm and play with the animals.

Enjoy the relaxing and scenic bus ride along side fjords and mountains, and through beautiful valleys. You’ll soon feel the hustle and bustle of the city dissipating behind as you enter the real country side with remote farms, lush forests and inviting mountains.

Life at the Farm and Animals

At Piltingsrud farm you will be welcomed By Siri and Rasmus Piltingsrud and all the different farm animals. You’ll meet “Knerten” the farm lama, who normally looks after the little goats. He protects them against strangers, but he loves people! You’ll also meet lots of other wonderful animals; Juni and Tinden are two lovely horses that enjoy meeting new people; the little piglets are the cuddliest creatures on the farm. They enjoy getting their belly scratched and are very intelligent and playful little cuties. Their names; Peer Grynt, Broder Grynt og Herr Grynt!;the little bunnies live for cuddles and are very soft to touch! Last but not least, the farm dog Tass will probably keep an eye on you and maybe come and say hello!

Bus Ride

From Oslo you’ll drive through Sollihøgda, and along the famous fjord, Tyrifjorden. After Hønsefoss, you will ride through pine woodland with the river Ådalselva on your left. When you reach Sperillen Lake you can see magnificent mountains next to you an into the distance. The last leg is Begnadalen Valley, that with its gloomy ambience and towering mountains will make you feel as if you’re in a real fairy tale.


  • 08:35: Bus departs from Oslo Buss Terminal
  • 10:48: Bus arrives at Tellefsrud Station
  • Walk to Piltingsrud farm and arrive at 11:10
  • 11:10: Meet the animals; goats, lamas, horses, cows, pigs and rabbits
  • Free time to explore the farm
  • 12:30: Lunch with local food and story telling
  • Free time, spend time in farm shop etc.
  • 14:00: Leave farm
  • 14:38: Bus departure
  • 16:50: Arrival Oslo