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Mjølkevegen with Fara Cycling

5 days, self-guided

This is a version of Grand Tour there are made for the well-trained cyclists. This version has doubled the day streches, but still covers all highlights of Mjølkevegen. Taking you from the wooded Lemonsjøen in the north, through Norway’s highest mountain range Jotunheimen, to the more inhabited and cultivated southern part.  The route covers approximately 200 kilometers and 4300 accent meters in three days.



  • Nice gravel road with beautiful views  
  • Delicious local food  
  • Local summer farm culture 


  • Bus transport from Oslo
  • Train transport back to Oslo 
  • Luggage transport 
  • Accommodation x 4
  • Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner x 4
  • Detailed tour description 
  • Original Mjølkevegen map

    Season and Price 2024

    June – August
    Daily departures

    Firs arrival: 25.06.2024
    Last arrival: 18.08.2024

    Person in double room:
    NOK 10.290
    Person in single room:
    NOK 2.500

    Day to day

    Day 1: Oslo - Fagernes

    Rental bike

    Pick up your rental bike at Fara Cycling before 6 pm (4 pm on Saturdays)


    Arrival by bus from Oslo to Fagernes

    Accommodation: Hotel Scandic Fagernes

    Day 2: Lemonsjøen - Bygdin

    Cyckling from Lemonsjøen to Bygdin

    Distance: 90 km, ↑ 1850 meters

    On your first day, you will travel on a gravel road through wooded Murudalen. You will follow “Jotunheimvegen”, cycling from wooded Espedalen towards the mountains above the treeline. You will pass many summer farms along the way and follow the big lake Vinstra. On the horizon, you can see the mountains of Jotunheimen and the summit of Bithorn.

    Accommodation: Bygdin Høyfjellshotell

    Day 3: Bygdin - Syndinstøga

    Cycling from Bygdin to  Syndinstøga via Slettefjell

    Distance: 58 km, ↑ 1670 meters

    From Bygdin, you cycle down to Beitostølen village and continue towards the mountain pass Slettefjell. This is an active area from summer farms, and got an excellent view. Down in the valley, passing Høre Stave Church. And up again to the last mountain pass on the trip. Reaching the top of the hill you will find your accommodation.

    Accommodation: Syndinstøga

    Day 4: Syndinstøga - Gol

    Cycling from Syndinstøga to Gol

    Distance: 74 km, ↑ 955 meters

    The last day is an easy stretch with not so much climbing. Enjoy the lakes and all the animals grazing freely up on the mountain. Start in time to reach the train from Gol


    Arrival by train from Gol to Oslo

    Accommodation: Thon Hotel, Oslo

    Day 5: Departure

    Deliver Rental bike

    Deliver the rental bike in the shop of Fara Cycling at 10 am.


    Practical information

    Below you will find practical information about this trip.
    Can not find what you are looking for? See our frequently asked questions page, or send us an email – we will help you!


    Bike rental

    Depending on your preferred style of riding, we recommend either Faras F/All-Road (max 35mm tyres) or F/Gravel (max 50mm tyres) for a ride on Mjølkevegen.

    Bring your own helmet, pedals and bags for the bike.

    Size: 49cm, 53cm, 56cm, 59cm

    Pick up/Deliver address at Universitetsgaten 14, 0164 Oslo

    Pick up: Opening hour from 10 am (11 am Saturdays)
    Deliver: Opening hour till 6 pm (4 pm Saturdays)

    Important details

    This trip requiers well trained bikers and a proper gravel bike to mangage the long distances and the many accent meters.

    Luggage Transport

    We will send your luggage from cabin to cabin.


    All the accommodations have double/twin beds with private bathrooms.

    Hotel Scandic Valdres
    Scandic Valdres is a modern hotel located in Fagernes, Norway. It offers comfortable accommodations, dining, and meeting facilities in a scenic setting, making it a popular choice for travelers exploring the beautiful Valdres region.

    Bygdin Høyfjellshotell: 
    This hotel has a long tradition of hosting active mountain people who want to visit Jotunheimen. Even tho many rooms were renovated you will get a historical atmosphere. The food is sure to be the highlight of your stay. Dinner is made from local ingredients and comes to taste great.

    Here there are 22 beds divided into 2 apartments and 3 hunting lodges. They have a great restaurant and pub, with good atmosphere and beautiful views. Syndinstøga is known for its good food. With a focus on local and sustainable ingredients, the kitchen composes today’s dinner menu. It serves dishes based on moose and deer from local hunters. Lamb and mountain pig from the farms at Syndin and fish from local suppliers.

    Hotel Thon, Oslo:
    3-star hotel close to the train staion and Bike rental, including breakfast buffet.  


    All restaurants offer food based on local ingredients. For breakfast there will be buffet. Here you also need to make yourself a packed lunch that you bring to lunch for the day. Use your food scarf. It is possible to fill a thermos, check with the accommodation. Dinner will be served in the afternoon/evening



    You will be given a physical hiking map, as well as gpx coordinates you can use on your mobile or GPS. Most of the trail runs on nice gravel roads, they can have some holes but are generally of a good standard. Short parts are on asphalt.



    Kilometres: 40-150 kilometres
    Elevation: 800-2000 accent meters
    Terrain: fine gravel roads or asphalt

    Here you need to be well trained and used to sitting a lot on a bike. The distances are usually between 40-150 kilometers and over 1000 altitude meters, and there can be several demanding climbing stages in a day

    Equipment list

    When you book with us, we’ll provide you with a packing list to ensure you have all the necessary clothing and gear.


    Travel green.

    Enjoy the trip from the big city towards Valdres and Jotunheimen! The express buses take you straight from the capital to the heart of Norway. On the way you will pass mountains, valleys, rivers, and beautiful farms. The buses have free WiFi, power outlets with USB chargers and toilets.

    Oslo- Jotunheimen by bus:

    Day 1: Oslo-Fagernes
    12.20 pm-3.22 pm (Saturdays)
    1.05 pm -4.10 pm (Monday-Friday)

    Day 2: Fagernes-Lemonsjø
    08.00 am-10.10 am

    Gol- Oslo by Train:

    Day 5: Gol- Oslo
    7.28 pm-10.22 pm


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