Discover Jotunheimen – White Route


Our 3-5 day Jotunheimen White Route Itinerary is specially designed for new hikers who want to experience the Norwegian mountains. We offer short, round trip hikes right on your doorstep, as well as flexible itineraries that allow you to create a trip that suits you. Minimum total route is 10 km (out and back) and maximum can vary from 14.5 to 22 km (out and back). This route is excellent for new or young hikers, and can also be suitable for families with small children.  

Discover the stunning summit of Synshorn (1,475 masl), a nice and short trip with beautiful views over Jotunheimen, Raslet, Kalvåhøgde, Heimdalen and Østre Slidre. Get on the B/M Bitihorn and travel across the magnificent mountain lake, Bygdin, and hike to Utsikten (1,485 masl). You can also try the optional hike to Thorshammaren (1,440 masl).

Stay in quintessential lodges such as Bygdin Hotel and Fondsbu DNT, right in the heart of nature. These beautiful short (maximum four hours) hikes and historic lodges will give you a real taste of what the region has to offer.

We also support you with luggage transportation during the trip.

Accommodation, food and drinks:

  • All accommodations included
  • Food and drinks are served at accommodations
  • “Hiking-Board” meal plan with 3 meals a day included in the price! For more information read more here.


  • Bus transportation round-trip from Oslo to start and end of tour available as add-ons.
  • Transportation from end of route to start included

Luggage transportation:

  • Luggage transportation for all the stages are included.
Tour AgendaRoute
Day 1: Arrival at Bygdin
Day 2: Synshorn hike
Day 3: Boat cruise to Eidsbugarden + Utsikten hike
Bygdin – White Route (3-Days)
Day 4: Departure Discover Jotunheimen
White Route route (4-Days)
Day 4: Thorshammaren
Day 5: Boat back to Bygdin and departure
Discover Jotunheimen
White Route route (5-Days)


  • 2x night Bygdin Hotel
  • 1-3x nights Fondsbu DNT

Stage overview


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 4,5 kilometers (Out and back)
  • Elevation Gain: 450 meters
  • Duration: 1,5-3 hours
Jotunheimen Travel
Jotunheimen Travel
Jotunheimen Travel
Jotunheimen Travel

Synshorn at 1457 meters above sea level invites to a fantastic view of Jotunheimen. The trail is easy to follow and climb, and varies from soft terreng to rock closer to the peak. The hike is well suited for beginners and is a short hike starting at the doorsteps of Bygdin Hotel.


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 5,5 kilometers (Out and back)
  • Elevation Gain: 410 meters
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
Petter Olsen
Petter Olsen
Petter Olsen
Petter Olsen

Utsikten is a short, easy tour with spectacular view over the great nature landscape of Jotunheimen. Its about 410m height meters to ascend, but short and fits beginners well.


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 6,5 kilometers (Out and back)
  • Elevation Gain: 370 meters
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
Petter Olsen
Petter Olsen
Petter Olsen
Petter Olsen

The tour to Torshammeren will provide a feeling of being surrounded by Jotunheimen’s mountain peaks. At the peak you will find yourself at the gates of Jotunheimen’s wilderness. The tour is easy, and a great tour for beginners. There are only 370 height meters from start to the peak, with a fairly steady and slow raise to the top.

Relaxing Scenic Bus Ride

Ride with Valdresekspressen!

Enjoy the scenic journey from Oslo to the Valdres Region. After leaving the bustle of the capital you will soon find yourself on countryside roads passing through small towns and surrounded by lakes and fields. As you get further into the country, you will see the mountains in the distance and before you know you’ll find yourself climbing the steep roads that take you straight into the national park. The coach has adjustable seats, free WiFi, outlets with USB charging ports and toilet facilities on board.

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