Jotunheimen round trip


Welcome to one of the great historical roundtrips in Jotunheimen. The route has been running for years and is as popular today as it was when the tour started. Bellow you will find the description of the route as it was described in 1989!

Welcome to a day tour through Valdres and Jotunheimen. This tour is by coach and ferry and starts at Fagernes. Valdresruten and its comfortable coaches take you through a unique panoramic scenery. The main valley Nord-Aurdal, Vestre Slidre and Vang is characteristic of Valdres with its open, friendly villages, glittering lakes and rivers, undulating hills and snow-capped mountains in the background.

You pass farms and hamlets that are a thousand years old. The lovely white-painted 700 year old stone church at Ulnes looks down on the blue waters of Strandefjord. Slidre Cathedral from the 13th century, the richly carved Lomen Stave Church, the rune stone at Einang and the well-known bronze age graves – this tour takes you through the centuries. The scenery changes: Through the giants gateway at Kvamskleiva you are taken straight into the “fjellheimen’, the mountain realm. Great peaks reach for the sky, reflected in the shining surface of the Vangamjosa lake. We pass Vang Church, the Vang Stone and the old Øye Stave Church – crafted by people living centuries ago.

At the Tyin crossroads we ascend steadily — up to 1080 meters above sea level, heading north alongside Tyinvatnet. We are approaching Jotunhemen, wild and captivating. Past Tyin Høyfjellshotell and Tyinholmen and down to Eidsbugarden. There lies the Bygdin lake like a diamond in granite- and. M/B “Bitihorn” is waiting at the quayside. Do not miss the highest ferry service in Northern Europe! It is beyond comparison. The “Bitihom” takes us eastwards where the coach is waiting. Our journey continues towards Båtskaret, 1200 metres above sea level and the Panorama changes again: We can now see Slettefell and Gystre Sadre The famous Health Sports Centre the handicapped. The valley opens up its rivers, lakes and waterfalls. We pass through inviting and idyllic hamlets as we follow the winding valley down towards Fagernes.

Don’t miss this experience. Cimb aboard! Come along and see for yourself. Departures daily during the summer season.

Today we run the same route in opposite direction. But the tour description of this historical route is as valid today as it was 30 years ago!


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