Best hiking trails in Jotunheimen


Hike across Besseggen
Hike across Besseggen – (Photo by Chris Arnesen –

Listed on National Geographics top 20 list over most thrilling trails. With the description: “A long, steep hike above immaculate lakes and beneath the high mountains in one of Norway’s most famous national parks”. Besseggen is definitly something not to miss out on! Read more.


Svartdalen (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)

One of the lesser known highlights of Jotunheimen, but also one of the most beautiful valleys in the area! This hike should be on any “top hikes in Jotunheimen” lists! The trail is easy to access from Torfinnsbu with the boat M/B Bitihorn from Bygdin. Read more.

Eastern Torfinnstind

Torfinnstind - Photo by Eirik Høyme Rogn
Torfinnstind (Photo by Eirik Høyme Rogn)

This is maybe not the best hiking trail in Jotunheimen, as the terrain is rough and the route borders more of a climb than hike, but the view is amazing! But this is definitely one of the best tours in Jotunheimen!

Eastern Torfinndstind is one of the majestic peaks in Jotunheimen at 2119 meters above sea level. The climb starts only 3 km from Torfinnsbu and is easy to reach by boat from Bygdin.

The ascend itself requires a good physical condition, but once you do reach the peak the trip is well worth it. Get ready for a once in a lifetime experience and a fantastic view!

The Torfinnstind peak at 2119 is not the highest in the area but offers one of the best mountain peak experiences in Jotunheimen. This hike is both demanding and challenging, and should only be climbed with an experienced guide.

Read more about Torfinnstind.


Bukkelægret (Photo by Yngve Ask/Scanout)

Extend your Besseggen tour and you will most likely pass Memurubu and continue through Bukkelægret. The trail is steep and can be very slippery during rainy days. But at the same time together with Besseggen this is probably one of the most spectacular hikes in the area.


Bygdin Høyfjellshotell - View of the sea
Bygdin Høyfjellshotell – View of the sea

This is one of the easier hikes, and the peak is easy to reach from Bygdin Høyfjellshotel. Once at the peak at 1607 meters above the ocean, the 360 degree sights offer view of most of the Valdres area.