About Mjølkevegen with Detours


Mjølkevegen starts at Vinstra, ending in Gol. The total route is about 250 kilometers, and there are several detours, and alternative routes available. You can also choose to end or start your tour at different locations. It does not matter what your starting point or route alternatives are, either way you will struggle to find a tedious route.

Mjølkevegen – The Alternatives

We have tried to add several varieties of our tours, so hopefully you found a good match. With 4-10 days tours and categories from easy to difficult there should be an option for everyone. The difficulty degree is estimated with a normal bike, to reduce the difficulty level you can use an el-bike or we can rent you one if you do not have one yourself.

Cycle in your own pace, and take your time. And we are sure you will be able to complete the entire tour. So far we have had several older and fit retirees who have completed our most difficult routes on an electric bike. If you can not find your perfect cycling adventure, or are unsure about the fitness level required for the tours send us an email and we will help you out!

Mjølkevegen: South Route (5-days)
Try out the shorter scenic family friendly cycling tours on the south side of Mjølkevegen. Less hills, great views and shorter routes.
Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

Mjølkevegen: Detours with Birgit (4-days)
Join Birgit Haugen the author of the “Mjølkevegen med avstikkere” book on her long-weekend guided adventure to her hidden cycling gems.
Included Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

Mjølkevegen: North Route (7-days)
Mjølkevegen has been voted one of the most attractive cycling routes in Norway. This route will give you our higlights of what the Valdres region has to offer in a week on a bicycle.
  • Bus transportation round-trip from Oslo to start and end of tour available included
  • Transportation from end of route to start included
  • Transfers during route included
Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

Mjølkevegen: Detours with Birgit (7-days)
Join Birgit Haugen, the author of the “Mjølkevegen med avstikkere” book, on a guided multi-day cycling adventure to her favorite hidden gems.
Included Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

Mjølkevegen: The Grand Tour (9-days)
From North and Lemonsjøen, to the South at Golsfjellet, this route covers most of Mjølkevegen and its detours.
Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

“Mjølkevegen med avstikkere” – The bike book

Birgit Haugen is the author of the book “Mjølkevegen med avstikkere”. The book Mjølkevegen “with its detours” from 2018 can be found in most book shops, and in the accommodations along the route. The book is written in Norwegian and contains inspiration, pictures and route directions around Golsfjellet og Valdres.

Mjølkevegen South – Golsfjellet og Valdres

On the south side of the route we have chosen to create our easier routes. The area is more flatt, and therefore easier to start with. We have also been able to get Birgit to guide some of our tours in this area. So sign up for the guided tours and be sure to get the best local guide in the area.

Mjølkevegen North – Jotunheimen

At the north side of Mjølkevegen you will find the backdrop of the high mountain of Jotunheimen. The area is more hilly and offers highlights like Jotunheimvegen, a boat cruise with M/B Bitihorn and a route across the mountain Slettefjell. Scenic views, longer routes and a little more challenging routes can be found at this side.

Comfort During the Cycling Tour – Food, Accommodation and Transportation

With our Mjølkevegen tours we offer great dining options, private rooms, and luggage transportation for most stages. For the few stages without luggage transportation we send your luggage to the next accommodation. This way you only need to cycle with a smaller backpack for a few stages, while your luggage awaits you on arrival. Accommodation can be found at historical mountain lodges, cabins and modern hotels. We offer 3-course dinners, breakfast and lunch to go for all the Mjølkevegen tours. Of course transportation to and from Oslo is also included, but if you want to drive your own car or a rental, we will offer transportation back to your starting point where your car is parked.

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