Environmental policy


All tours and transportation should follow normal public/scheduled transportation. To avoid adding increased need for traffic and to make sure today’s capacity is well used.

We strive to have more than 90% of our transportation with public/scheduled routes. Transporting luggage and equipment also follows the same policy.

Supporting Local Communities

We strive to offer trips that enable our customers to engage with local people. This is also something that our customers enjoy because it gives them an opportunity to learn more about local customs and culture.

Waste and Resource Use

To make sure our footprint is as small as possible we rent most of our services and equipment from local providers. This way we make sure each resource is having a high usage and reduce the need to have resources for each tour or provider.

Reduce or avoid human influences in the nature.

On all our tours, we make sure not to leave waste or other “external footprints” behind us.

We also make sure we do not damage, adapt or force any changes in the national parks or nature areas that might leave permanent traces. (Examples can be but is not limited to creating a permanent camp, fire pit, cutting trees, or marking our hiking paths.)