Bygdin Hotel: Besseggen & Svartdalen combination


Try two of the best hikes in Jotunheimen! Click here for more information on Svartdalen and Besseggen.

The tour includes transportation between the hikes and Bygdin. As well as the tickets for the three boat trips needed for this excursion. You can also add transfer to and from Oslo, making this a complete roundtrip from the Norwegian capital.

Hike across Besseggen
Hike across Besseggen – (Photo by Kristiansen/Field Productions)

Accommodation, food and drinks:

  • Accommodation at Bygdin Høifieldshotell included
  • Food and drinks are served at Bygdin Høifieldshotell
  • Hiking-Board” meal plan with 3 meals a day included in the price! For more information read more here.


  • Day 1: Arrival to Bygdin
    • Bus from Oslo Bussterminal at 13:05 to Bygdin with 4 hour 15 min transfer available as addon. More departures available on request.
  • Day 2: Hiking – Svartdalen
    • Boat from Bygdin 09:05 to Torfinnsbu 09:50
    • Svartdalen hiking
    • Boat from Gjendebu 16:25 to Gjendesheim 17:15
    • Bus from Gjendesheim 17:30 back to Bygdin 17:50
  • Day 3: Hiking – Besseggen
    • Bus from Bygdin 08:58 to Gjendesheim 09:20
    • Boat from Gjendesheim 09:30 to Memurubu 09:50
    • Besseggen hiking
    • Bus from Gjendesheim 17:30 to Bygdin 17:50
    • Bus from Gjendesheim to Oslo 17:30 available as addon back in Oslo at 22:09
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Accommodation – Bygdin Høifieldshotell

Bygdin Høifieldshotell is located 1065 meters above sea level, next to Bygdin lake and 12 km north of the tourist area Beitostølen. Just outside the door you will also find Jotunheimen National Park, with several different hiking tours and some of the highest mountains in Norway. The known Besseggen route starts only 20 km away. On Bygdin lake you will also find M/B Bitihorn, the local transportation boat from 1912 with 2 daily departures.

Bygdin Høifieldshotell has been operated since 1897. With this history you will find several extinguished rooms, some historical and some brand new. Some with a bath and shower, and some rooms with access to bath in the hallway. These rooms include a housecoat/robe and slippers. All rooms have access to sauna and shower in the first floor.

Bygdin Høifieldshotell try to keep the old style and atmosphere. Furnitures and other equipment around the building can be traces back through history and gives the building its soul.

There is also space for mountain boots, ski shoes, dining shoes, bikes and of course space for your dogs.

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